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The PGB Photo Award Newsletter #1


Less then two months left to the deadline. To participate in The PGB Photo Award and compete for $30.000 you need to start a personal account, edit your profile and submit your pictures. It's easy and fast.


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In cooperation with Daylight Magazine The PGB Photo Award offer you a free copy of the Magazine. Sign up for your personal account today in The PGB Photo Award competion and you will recive a free PDF copy of The Daylight Magazine latest issue. Will be sent out after the 4th of january.


For our Swedish contestants only!

Recive a free copy of the magazine Kamera & Bild when you start a personal account. Will be sent out after the 4th of january.


Many photographers, if not all, have a wish to be part of changing the world to a better place. So do we! That's why we started the Photographers Giving Back program. This program will give donations to causes which are reflected in the award winning pictures. Take a minut and read about our mission.


Lydmar hotel is a personal hotel for the guest who appreciates people and personality. The owner Pelle Lydmar has a big interest in photo journalism and displays photographs from his personal collection at the hotel. The ongoing exhibition is James Nachtwey "Offering" One of the most exiting hotels in the world of photojournalism.



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