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Thermotech switching to more energy-efficient circulation pumps

Global warming is now a recognised fact, as well as how emissions of CO2 contribute to climate changes. Thermotech works actively with ecodesign and sustainable development in its product development process, and a part of this involves switching to more energy-efficient circulation pumps for the mixing unit assortment.   

The first step is replacing the current model of our electronically controlled circulation pump with the Grundfos Alpha2. The new upgraded pump has several energy efficiency benefits:

  • It is equipped with the Autoadapt function, which enables the pump to adapt to the needs of the heating system.
  • A new design with permanent magnets and frequency converters provides improved efficiency and higher energy savings.
  • It is in energy class A.

The products affected by the change are Thermotech Integral, Mixing Unit TMix® M and the heat exchanger package TMix® E.

Energy labelling for circulation pumps was introduced in Europe in 2005. An energy label specifies a pump's energy efficiency on a scale of A to G, with energy class A being most efficient. Energy class D corresponds to the average efficiency of the pumps presently installed in the market. By switching to a circulation pump in energy class A, a home owner can cut energy consumption by up to 80 percent compared to operation with a D-classified pump (Source: Grundfos' energy handbook – Energihandbok Heta Fakta).

For additional information, please contact:
Jens Edbladh, Development Engineer
Thermotech Scandinavia AB
Telephone: +46 (0)90- 699 20 12

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Thermotech Scandinavia AB is one of Scandinavia's leading suppliers of systems for heat and water distribution for all types of homes and premises. The expansive group, founded in 1996, is principally active in Scandinavia and Russia, but is investing in growth both in Eastern and Western Europe. The company's care values are design, quality, function and personal service. Thermotech Scandinavia AB has management systems for quality and the environment that fulfil the requirements of ISO 9001 and 1400.


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