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With >25% content of post consumer recycled material (PCR) the opportunities for an increased circularity open up and less impact on the environment will be possible!
With >25% content of post consumer recycled material (PCR) the opportunities for an increased circularity open up and less impact on the environment will be possible!

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Trioplast designs for the future – first silage stretch film made with recycled polyethylene

As a leading producer of polyethylene film, Trioplast has focused on the topic of sustainable plastic use within farming while at the same time obtain highest efficiency and silage quality for the user.

Besides an extensive service offering, Trioplasthas products made from recycled raw-material, products with less material usage and products made from renewable sources in its portfolio.

For example, the silage sheet product TriO2 is a good solution on the market for all farmers who want to work efficiently and sustainably, without having to compromise on feed quality.

The film with oxygen barrier properties contains high levels of post consumer recycled (PCR) material, is a single material construction without barrier materials as EVOH or PA and is 100% recyclable.

Absolutely new is the possibility to use PCR material not only for silage sheets but also for silage stretch film. On AGRITECHNICA 2019 Trioplast will present the first stretch film for bale wrapping on the market produced from recycled (PCR) polyethylene and by this opens up the opportunities for an increased circularity and less impact on the environment. Calculations show, that the total carbon footprint of this patent pending product is reduced by >15% compared to virgin-based film.

Another option for sustainable film, is replacing the fossil based raw materials by renewable ones. The premium silage stretch film Triowrap BIO is based on fossil-free green polyethylene based on feedstock derived from sugarcanes with a very low carbon footprint. This stretch film shows the same properties as the other premium films from Trioplast and also enables highest silage quality.

Trioplast is one of Europe’s largest polyethylene film producers in the packaging and hygiene sector and the market leader in silage stretch films and high-performance stretch films.
The agri assortment consisting of silage stretch, silage sheet and mulch films is represented by distributors in most parts of the world. In the last 20 years, Trioplast has been driving the develop-ment forward with many new products focusing on the end users’ efficiency, but also on reducing the environmental impact.



Trioplast is an industrial group with over 1,000 employees and a turnover of EUR 430 million. The Group is one of Europe’s leading players in innovative and cost-efficient packaging solutions based on polyethylene film. The company’s registered office is in Smålandsstenar in Sweden. It operates production facilities in Sweden, Denmark and France and sells its products to a global market. The principal owner of Trioplast is Altor Funds.


Framtiden behöver en tryggare och hälsosammare värld.
På Trioworld tror vi att vi kan vara en del av lösningen och omvandla miljöutmaningar till möjligheter för både oss själva och våra kunder. Att vi aktivt kan hjälpa människor att agera för klimatet utan att behöva kompromissa med produktkvalitet, service eller säkerhet.
Trioworld är en industrikoncern med drygt 1200 medarbetare och en omsättning på 5,5 miljarder kronor. Koncernen är en av Europas ledande aktörer inom innovativa och hållbara plastfilmsprodukter. Bolaget har huvudkontor i Smålandsstenar, produktion i Sverige, Danmark och Frankrike och säljer sina produkter på en global marknad. Trioworlds huvudägare är Altor Funds.

Parkgatan 10
333 23 Smålandsstenar
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