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Strandberg Guitars launches unique True Temperament™ models.

The iconic ergonomic Swedish guitar brand Strandberg Guitars, will highlight three new totally unique Boden multi scaled models implementing the revolutionary True Temperament Fretting System.

A true innovation for perfect intonation, the True Temperament Curved frets™ delivers anaccuracy of fret scaling like never before.

All three models are custom calibrated to Boden’s multi-scale lengths:

25.5” – 25” scale for 6-string

26.5” – 25.5” for 7-string

8” – 26.5” for 8-string

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For more information,please contact Ulf Zachrisson:

+46 70 631 26 20


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The True Temperament™ Fretting System is a revolutionary new way to construct guitar fingerboards. Super-accurate intonation over the whole fingerboard without affecting playability. Chords ring sweeter, louder and longer.