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Twingly Live launching today - making the realtime web realtime

Today the Swedish search company Twingly presents its new service Twingly Live. The service makes it possible to follow developments on Twitter in real time at major events. First to use the service are three major events: SIME - Scandinavian Interactive Media Event, the Social Democratic Party Congress and the EU-conference Visby Agenda.

The Swedish company Twingly launched the beta version of its new service Twingly Channels in October. Twingly Channels combines a search engine for real-time web, news search and filtering with a meeting place for those who want to follow specific topics. Now the company introduces Twingly Live, a service that makes it possible to maintain a real time conversation between many people online at once, and pair it with reality.

"With Twingly Live, the discussion takes place at physical meetings, disseminated in real time online, which encourages more people to participate," said Martin Källström, CEO of Twingly. "The service is intended to be primarily used to monitor and discuss the rapid sequence of events and news, but it can also be used, for example at events and conferences, where audiences often comment on the contents live."

"Twitter is a fantastic service but tweets often reach the receiver with a few seconds delay, which may seem paradoxical when Twitter for many is the very definition of the real-time web," said Martin Källström. "Latency greatly disrupts the flow of the dialogue, the same way as phone calls over long distances used to be uncomfortable. It's also difficult to have rapid group conversations. Twingly Live solves all these problems. It is much faster than Twitter Search, for example, and can be moderated by the owner."

The real-time technology behind Twingly Live is designed for use in Twingly Channels, which is still only available in closed beta for invited users.

"Twingly Live allows us to make the technology available long before public launch of Twingly Channels," said Martin Källström. "It is great that the services we develop can come quickly to use, it that way we get the feedback we need to try to always be at the forefront in our field."

Twingly Live will be used throughout SIME on 11-12 November and has already been in full use in the EU-conference Visby Agenda and the Swedish Social Democratic Party Congress.

Twingly Live for the above conferences can be followed on:

For more information, please contact:
Martin Källström, CEO Twingly
+46 73 362 86 54,, Twitter: @martinkallstrom

Martin Källström will also attend the SIME event in Stockholm November 11-12.

About Twingly
Founded in 2006, Twingly is the creator of, the popular blog search engine featuring a spam-free, faceted, social search for the global blogosphere. Without any marketing, currently serves 25M+ search results per month, most through the Twingly API.

Twingly has been instrumental in driving change in European media by connecting mainstream media with blogs through its enterprise offering Twingly Blogstream, a moderated trackback function for large websites, providing measurably higher visitor engagement and greater attention in the blogosphere. Twingly Blogstream is used by 100 newspapers, magazines and television channels in ten countries, helping them get more attention from bloggers and generating 300M+ monthly widget views.

Twingly is headquartered in Linköping, Sweden. For more information visit Follow Twingly on Twitter at @twingly and on the Twingly blog,



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