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OncoTargeting in new collaboration

OncoTargeting AB (Sweden) and Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S (Denmark) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a formal collaboration. As part of the collaboration Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S has acquired shares in OncoTargeting AB and, together with the two founders Fredrik Lehmann and Ulf Bremberg, now constitute the main owners of the company.

The collaboration between the two companies has been established to strengthen their mutual market share, not only in Sweden and Denmark, but also in the rest of Europe as well as in the USA. With this collaboration, OncoTargeting AB and Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S, will together be able to offer services ranging from early discovery chemistry and process development to the supply of small molecule APIs throughout clinical phases II/III. The companies also offer services within project management, development and validation of analytical test methods, ICH stability studies as well as pre-clinical characterization, pre-formulation, radiolabelling, in-vivo services and autoradiography studies.

OncoTargeting AB and Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S understand and appreciate the difficulties in outsourcing as well as the time consuming process in handling any given project – and the mutual strategy for the collaboration is to be able to support our clients in the pharmaceutical industry with a broad range of services needed in the field of drug research and development. Via partners, OncoTargeting AB and Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S will also be able to assist with raw material sourcing, formulation, micronization and regulatory affairs.

We hope that established as well as new customers will welcome this collaboration, and make use of  our wide range of services. 

More information on the two companies can be found at and

Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S was founded in 1956 to conduct research and development in synthetic organic chemistry on a contract basis. Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S has made more that 8,000 reactions within all types of organic chemistry, and has worked for more than 180 customers worldwide over the years. Most of the products, which Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S develops, are APIs for pre-clinical or clinical studies and are produced in accordance with cGMP. Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S routinely develops and validates analytical methods for release testing of APIs. Timely delivery, quality and communication are the key words for Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S’ business strategy.

OncoTargeting was established 2008 as a spin-out from Biovitrums Medicinal/Combinatorial chemistry department. OncoTargeting offers a variety of highly specialized services primarily within the field of pre-clinical drug development, such as pre-clinical characterization (solubility, protein binding, etc.), synthetic organic chemistry, radiolabelling and bioanalyses. The highly experienced staff has an average of 18 years of post degree industrial experience, covering most aspects of chemistry. Thorough understanding of customer needs to design cost and time efficient solutions, while maintaining the highest quality, is the key point of success for OncoTargeting.

OncoTargeting has previously received advanced business development support through the business incubator Uppsala Innovation Centre UIC.

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Uppsala Innovation Centre UIC is a business incubator for growth companies in the Uppsala region, Sweden. UIC supports innovation-oriented companies and business ideas from all sectors of society. Incubator companies get access to a dynamic process of developing people, business and entrepreneurship. The incubator also provides financial assistance and access to commercial and technological networks. UIC is owned by Almi Företagspartner Uppsala AB, the Foundation for collaboration between the universities of Uppsala, industry and society (STUNS), SLU Holding AB and Uppsala University Holding Company AB. UIC is part of the Swedish National Incubator Program, IBIP, run by Innovationsbron.

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