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Velove recruits sales manager for the Netherlands and Belgium

We are happy to announce a new member of our Velove family: Dries Willems. Dries will represent Velove in the Netherlands and Belgium, helping our Dutch and French speaking customers. With a background as a sustainable fleet specialist, Dries will support our costumers to get their Armadillos on the road.

Before becoming a Velover, Dries gained experience as a project leader in sustainable mobility for the city of Antwerp. He introduced bikes, e-bikes, cargo bikes, electric- and enhanced vehicles to reduce the organisation’s fleet emissions. Later he continued to share his experience as a consultant for The New Drive, working on projects for shared bikes, electric cars and green fleet management.

Dries says: -The future is already here, we only need to start using it. Cities are thriving more than ever and mobility challenges arise with it. Classic transport systems like cars and vans create traffic congestion, air pollution, safety issues and waste energy carrying dead steel around. People were long blinded by the versatility of those vehicles. Now it is clear that things need to change. Low emission zones are taking over cities and delivery time frames are introduced. Cargo bikes run faster through the city centre than vans, and in many situations, the cargo bike can do the job, and do it better. The Armadillo has a number of unique qualities and I am thrilled to help out getting them rolling in Dutch and Belgian cities!

-We are very happy to now have appointed Dries to represent us in the Netherlands and Belgium. We already have a lot of Armadillos rolling here and it was about time we got some local representation. The Netherlands is special to us as this was really where our business took off, Dutch bike engineers have been involved in the development, we consider the Netherlands to have the best bike infrastructure in the world and it is also the home of the International Cargo Bike Festival. We are looking forward to participating here yet another time, this year in the great cycling city of Groningen! Lately, many Armadillos have started to roll in Belgium and we see a good interest also here, says Velove CEO and co-founder Johan Erlandsson.



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Velove provides ultra-efficient transport solutions for last mile delivery. The core solution is a four-wheel high capacity cargo bike designed for maximum productivity. The cargo bike comes with a containerisation system that makes large-scale parcel delivery with optimised last mile delivery vehicles possible.