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”Språkanalyser inte körda i botten”

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”Språkanalyser inte körda i botten”

Efter uppmärksammade fall har frågan ställts på sin spets: Kan man lita på språkanalyser? Roderick Martin, verksamhetsledare på Verified menar att man kan det.
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Linguistic Origin Identification

Verified provides expert testimony regarding linguistic behaviour, in particular relating to an individual’s linguistic background. These services are required by police, migration authorities and immigration attorneys for trials in court. We also assist non-governmental organisations.

Verified employs a dozen of linguists, trained in areas such as creole languages, dialectology, interview technique and forensic phonetics.

Verified has conducted in excess of 24.000 analyses. The use of the same rigorous and well-defined methodology in each case ensures that analysis reports can be assessed and used in a safe and easy way, whether that be during an investigation or in court.

Equally indispensable for a clear and reliable result is the active language competency of a native speaker. To meet this requirement, Verified maintains a network of around 240 native speakers with training in auditory analysis to cover about 100 combinations of linguistic varieties and regions.

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