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EASO convene meeting of asylum experts in Brussels

EASO wishes to promote the exchange of information between EASO and the civil society. To facilitate pooling of knowledge, EASO has set up a Consultative Forum. Asylum is a multi-faceted phenomenon. An important ambition is to gather different areas of expertise and experience. A Plenary Meeting is held annually. November 17, the Plenary Meeting will take place in Brussels.

Verified acknowledges the value of both a multi-disciplinary approach and a two-way dialogue and is happy to contribute to and learn from the Consultative Forum. The focus of Verified is to use dialect attribution to corroborate the residential history of a claimant, but this practice is obviously intertwined with other procedures. Roderick Martin will represent Verified and anyone interested to set up a separate meeting is encouraged to make contact.

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Verified provides expert testimony regarding linguistic behaviour, in particular relating to an individual´s linguistic background. These services are required by police, migration authorities and immigration attorneys for trials in court.  We also assist non governmental organisations.

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