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EASO convene meeting of asylum experts in Brussels

Press Release   •   Nov 13, 2017 12:03 CET

EASO consultative Forum in Brussels /Roderick Martin from Verified

EASO wishes to promote the exchange of information between EASO and the civil society. To facilitate pooling of knowledge, EASO has set up a Consultative Forum. Asylum is a multi-faceted phenomenon. An important ambition is to gather different areas of expertise and experience. A Plenary Meeting is held annually. November 17, the Plenary Meeting will take place in Brussels.

Verified acknowledges the value of both a multi-disciplinary approach and a two-way dialogue and is happy to contribute to and learn from the Consultative Forum. The focus of Verified is to use dialect attribution to corroborate the residential history of a claimant, but this practice is obviously intertwined with other procedures. Roderick Martin will represent Verified and anyone interested to set up a separate meeting is encouraged to make contact.

Verified provides expert testimony regarding linguistic behaviour, in particular relating to an individual´s linguistic background. These services are required by police, migration authorities and immigration attorneys for trials in court.  We also assist non governmental organisations.

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