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Polestar partner with Vinngroup to develop cloud native infrastructure.

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Polestar partner with Vinngroup to develop cloud native infrastructure.

Sweden’s new electric performance car brand is building a cloud-native architecture to enable high-performance digital services from day one.

Gothenburg, Sweden, January 13th 2020.

How can a design and performance minded brand live up to the expectations of a digital-native generation? This is the demanding brief Vinngroup takes on on behalf of Swedish electric performance car brand Polestar.
The Polestar brand is gathering momentum and creating a buzz in the automotive industry for their first fully electric car, the Polestar 2, designed in Sweden. Much anticipation is building in the industry as the release date of the Polestar 2 draws closer (mid-2020).

Launching a new car brand in the 2020’s can only succeed with a seamless digital experience, inside the car and across all touch points - from discovering the brand to all aftermarket services.

“Polestar is an electric performance brand, determined to improve the society we live in. We are entrepreneurs and partnering with like-minded expert teams at Vinngroup came naturally. Together we are creating a Cloud-native architecture based on Amazon Web Services with fully managed and headless external services, an ecosystem supporting our target of 100% online direct sales and redefining the norm for the Automotive industry”, says Fredrik Magnusson, head of Customer Digital at Polestar.

“We have a very exciting journey ahead of us with Polestar and their ambition in using the latest and most effective web technologies; those are commonly used by digital native brands but so far sparsely in traditional industries. Together with Polestar and partners we are seeing to it that the digital infrastructure make customer interactions extremely effective, lean, and of course give Polestar customers a sense of what outstanding service is all about” says Pierre Renhult at Vinngroup

At Polestar’s request, a team of experts from the Vinn companies Humblebee and Yalta created an architectural prototype intended to showcase an efficient, scalable, global and operationally light platform. To fully expand on that work, Vinn has assembled competencies from across its companies to deliver Polestar’s digital foundation.

The architecture is built on three main principles: independent services (which make it child’s play to select best of breed solutions for every functionality and easily upgrade any feature when needed); SaaS (Software-as-a-Service, meaning that operations and systems scaling is delegated to external experts); and headless (content and layout are decoupled, making it simpler to maintain across all communication channels and faster – much faster – to push out). Business experts, design and development teams work closely together, dedicating more time to building and testing and wasting next to none on administration and operations activities.

The resulting solution is precisely what you would expect from Polestar: performant, elegant, flexible, and adaptated to a variety of customer needs in each and every market that the brand serves.

The Polestar 2 will be released in mid-2020. You can follow the progress on Polestar’s social media channels

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