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Simon Hassle releases second single "In Your Song" as a tribute to Nelson Mandela

Simon Hassle releases his second single "In Your song" as a tribute to Nelson Mandela. "In Your Song" is about realizing that we all as individuals can play an important role. 

Simon has despite his young age chosen a serious political and social content in his music. He says he wants to include important issues that concern people in his music. His lyrics are about the environment, leadership and values.

"The song is inspired by the story of Nelson Mandela, but is actually dedicated to all people, that like Mandela, are trying to create a positive change. In Your Song is a reminder that, despite bad things happening around us, there are at the same time a lot of people around the world that are doing good and trying to change things for the better. I think it's very important to realize that we all as individuals can make a difference," says Simon Hassle.

In Your Song is made in near cooperation with the song writer and producer Emanuel Olsson, Cosmos Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. Together they are now working on Simon's first album that is planned to be released later in 2011. Earlier this year his first single "Now is Here" was releases featuring Chief Oren Lyons. 

"I want to make music with an important message in a way that can reach a large and young audience, and it has to be great pop at the same time", says Simon Hassle.

Listen to In Your Song here:


See the lyrics here!

Simon participated in Swedish National TV SVT morning show in July 20, 2011 (in Swedish)

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Artist: Hassle, Simon
Song: In Your Song
Rights and Distribution: © Voice of Change 2011 / Cosmos Music Group
Genre: Pop

Production: Emanuel Olsson, Cosmos Studios Stockholm, Sweden
Song writers: Simon Hassle, Willem Bleeker, Emanuel Olsson, Mike Murphy 

Release date: July 20, 2011

Video: Now is Here:
Press photos: Joachim Bago, for free publication for publicists
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About Simon Hassle:   

Simon Hassle (born 1990) is a 20 year old singer and song writer from Stockholm, Sweden. Simon grew up in Waxholm north of Stockholm before moving to Katrineholm. Simon is a younger cousin to more well known musician Erik Hassle. 

In 2009 Simon Hassle started to work with the songwriter and producer Emanuel Olsson, Cosmos Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. They are presenly working on Simon's first album that is to be released later in 2011. Already released is the single "Now is Here" feat. Chief Oren Lyons in April 2011. 


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