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Finally the book from Agilpodden is out!

Agile for Business av Erik Hultgren, Dick Lyhammar & Christer Dahlström

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Are you struggling with implementing agile methodologies or culture in your company? Is someone asking for detailed plans and follow-ups? Is there a chasm between business operations and the IT department?

These questions can recur indefinitely - but luckily enough this book is here to help you! The idea came about after getting questions from businesses about what agile is and what value it brings. Erik Hultgren and Dick Lyhammar tried to explain benefits such as shorter feedback loops, delivering important functionality first, happier development teams, better deliveries and radically reducing the risk of a huge development effort - but they still lacked some material to show. Hence the idea for this book was born! Hopefully it will help you explain to anyone at your company what agile is.

The book also covers the topics of Agile HR, Lean and Agile, Agile leadership, Agile outside IT and how to handle the transition from traditional Project Management into an Agile setup.

About the authors 

Erik Hultgren and Dick Lyhammar together have over 15 years of management experience within software development working with agile transformation. Christer Dahlström has over 10 years of experience as an Agile Coach with a special interest in visualization.

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