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Personligt brev från Dolores Haze

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 08, 2018 08:30 CEST


You know how they say, it gets lonely at the top.

It’s also like, if you hold on to something too tight it breaks. Or if you want something too much, it can end up just sliding through your fingers. So that’s when we realised: YUP. We needed a break. We always knew we would come back, but when and how was yet to figure out. It was in the Summer of 2017 we decided to reconsider, and we could only hope for better things to come.

It didn’t come as a shock when Groovy Fuck left for her Alpaca Farm. It’s located on the Swedish West Coast, her family has own it for years and she used to go there for several weeks every summer and just turn her phone off, read a million books and drink bottles of red wine. And yeah, she loved it. So when her great aunt asked her to take over the farm she just couldn’t say no. We can’t exactly say we can relate to or understand her decision (Like, who wants to voluntarily retire at 20?) but we support it, because after all - the show must go on.

Anyway, so around the same time Groovy Fuck left, Lucky Lollo felt disoriented and she wanted to find a purpose with her life. Feeling too grown up to collect Green Day CD:s or wait up for the new Kanye West single to drop there wasn’t really much else to do at that point. But almost as if someone had heard her prayers, she was invited to a Christian Facebook group by an old classmate and she started to get more and more into Christianity. If you ask her today, she would definitely be able to quote you something from the Bible no matter what problems you might have in life. Bless her.

Foxy Sagz cut her hair off, bought cheap tickets to Berlin and fell in love with a white fox at the Zoologischer Garten. She couldn’t stop talking about that stupid fox, and since I’ve always felt sorry for the animals in that zoo (I mean come on, polar bears on a grassplot during the summer? Or ever? NO.) so I helped her kidnap it and we tried to take it back to Sweden by hiding it under our hoodies. But they caught us at the border checkpoint and that was that. Foxy Sagz now has a pet snake called Mike. He’s the fox rebound.

And as for me, Groovy Nickz, well... In the beginning of the summer I went to this new club in town. I thought the girls were too busy minding their own new biz (bible-biz and snake-biz) so I went there with a guy I’d found on Tinder. He was boring so I pretended I had lost him the minute we got in. Instead, I befriended this group of burlesque dancers and ended up hanging with them in different basements the whole summer, drinking white wine and talking shit about people I didn’t even know. I barely saw the daylight that summer.

It wasn’t until one day in mid September, Foxy and Lucky had had enough of my behaviour. So they went out with Mike in his tiny cage and came to one of these basements to bring me back home. A couple of days later, we were introduced to our producer and best friend - Lil Pz. That’s when we started writing our second album. And so here’s the first single from it, it’s called Banana

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