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Restaurant Review: á la Crêpe, Stockholm, Sweden


There are few restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden that can make really good Galette. In French terms, Galette are the main course and main dishes and Crêpes are the dessert. This restaurant is named á la Crêpe, however it is mainly serving Galette (you fallow?). My favourites are the meat Galettes. I would suggest avoiding the Galette with seafood, fish and chicken. Do not get me wrong, they are nice but this restaurants strong side are the cheesy and meaty Galette.

When it comes to beverage, ask for a suggestion from their French cider list. Of course you need to end with a Crêpe dessert and some Cognac.

My restaurant review is 3,5 out of 5 because of there good service, great meat Galette and fine Crêpe desserts. However, since the rest of the menu is not as competitive enough and the flavours lack in taste and dynamics I cannot provide with a higher degree.

GRADE: 3,5 of 5

Name: á la Crêpe
Adress: Katarina Bangata 42, 116 39 Stockholm

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