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XMReality just released Q2 product updates
XMReality just released Q2 product updates

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XMReality’s latest updates simplifies global usage

Today XMReality released several new product features: the ability to show and guide on recorded videos from mobile applications, additional languages, improvements to the ‘Web Guide Station’ and the mobile application interface.

The latest product updates simplify the software usage and provide global scalability of the product. One of XMReality’s core strategies, “Simplicity”, has been applied to latest updates and has taken the solution to the next level.

“We are constantly striving to lower the thresholds for using remote guidance, and ease-of-use is a very important aspect of this. I’m very happy with the improvements we have made in the Q2-release and believe these will help us further grow our user-base.” – Per Unell, CTO XMReality.

The Web Guide Station is a fully web-based solution i.e., runs in a web browser without the need to download any software. This has now been extended with several features that enables users to record & capture images and add contacts to ongoing calls. XMReality has also added the ability for users to see their own call log within the Web Guide Station.

The newly improved mobile application interface simplifies the navigation within the application and is developed based on user behavior.

The latest product update also includes the possibility to show and guide on recordings when using the solution from a mobile application. This improves the guidance experience for the expert within ongoing calls.

The Federated Login support provides customers with accessibility and scalability when connecting their existing Active Directory.

Additionally, XMReality has added 5 new languages; Czech, Danish, Finnish, Polish and Romanian and now supports 16 languages in total. The combination of guidance features and multiple languages help customers and partners to bridge language barriers and become even more efficient in expanding into their markets.

About XMReality Remote Guidance™

XMReality Remote Guidance is an AR-enabled knowledge sharing tool that lets you communicate with gestures, speech, chat and pointers with someone at a completely different place. It includes:

  • A unique hands-overlay technology that lets you guide someone else’s hands—as if you were there.
  • A web portal to manage teams and users, and to measure usage
  • Integration through client-side API’s (Application Programming Interfaces)

About XMReality
XMReality AB (publ) develops and sells solutions that revolutionize knowledge transfer through so-called Augmented Reality (AR). The company is a market leader in remote guidance where you guide a person on site via AR to solve problems or prevent them from occurring. The product is used globally in more than 60 countries. ABB, Nestlé, Electrolux, Sidel, Heineken and Saab are examples of the more than 90 customers. XMReality is based in Linköping and the USA and is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market (ticker: XMR). For more information, visit:

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Jörgen Remmelg

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