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Make Money Online Blog Launched by Successful Creative Entrepreneur

In the face of an economic crisis, there is no such thing as absolute job security. And in many 1st world countries, the rate of inflation is happening much faster than the increase in income. Such problems highlight the grim reality of today’s world.

One way to get out of this rut is to start working for yourself, and the internet provides the perfect platform for entrepreneurship.

For this purpose, creative entrepreneur Aldric Chang has launched a blog to share tips on making money online.

“With the internet being an integral part of our daily lives, it is now a reality that people can make an income online if they invest some time and money into learning the skills.” comments Aldric, “However, there is too much bloated information and hype out there about making money on the internet and most people do not even know how and where to get started. I want my blog to be an oasis of truthful, fluff-free information for them.”

Aldric explains that he is doing this to get people started on the right track to make money on the internet and he is planning to launch seminars and products in the future. His blog will cover numerous topics, including blogging for money, seo tips (search engine optimization), web traffic building, affiliate marketing, product reviews and even tips for success.

As the Founding Managing Director of the MediaFreaks Pte Ltd group of companies, Aldric has headed and overseen the production of over two hundred media projects to date. Landmark projects include documentaries Man Made Marvels, Mega Structures, the award-winning Super Cell, Secrets of the Battleship Yamato, Master of the Sea, Ring of Fire, The Assassination of JFK and more. He is also credited with being the Creator and Executive Producer for the animated series Katakune and Sedo Dog,

He has over the past few years grown MediaFreaks Pte Ltd – originally a 2 men animation firm – into a 30 men strong award-winning new media company today.

Since 2 years ago, MediaFreaks has also been providing consultancy to companies to drive customers to their websites using Search Engine Optimization / Marketing and IM strategies. They recently helped to launch a series of online marketing campaigns for Western Digital which helped to create much awareness for its new hard drive series.

Despite such a busy schedule, Aldric has found time for several online ventures – including the development of a virtual world for kids called The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks and a few other projects currently under covert operation.

He says that this is due to the clever use of the internet to market his products, grow his businesses and automate them. The important thing is to learn how to harness the power of the internet to reach out to people and become their friend. If you can do that, you can make money.

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