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Artist: Allison Marie Low

One amazing thing about living in the 21st century is the abundance of talents and accessibility to reinterpret their inspirations through various art mediums. With this, mindsets and personal styles are ever evolving. Young artists, like 21 year old Allison Marie Low is taking her passion to a places she’s never imagined. Pursuing a degree at the College of Fine Art, Sydney after a Visual Communication diploma at Temasek Polytechnic Design School, Low takes precious time from a hectic study schedule to speak with us at

Painting has changed her life in so many ways.

Just being able to create and express myself, I feel the satisfaction of what only paint can bring me. This is the hole that fills up and then empties with time until I work again. I started out with collages and doodling with pens but nothing has held my attention as long as paint has. The many types of paint work in different ways and hold various personalities, which I can never get bored with. Paint goes in all directions depending on what and how I use it. Because of this, art has in an astronomical way changed my life. I feel rich without the money.

The impetus of Low’s figurative works.

My practice is relatively young but most of what I do comes with a certain vulnerability or a delicate sort of darkness. I work at random from almost any type of inspiration, like a photograph or a sketch I did on a whim. I believe my works sometimes might be my subconscious mind seeping onto the page.

Australian artist, Egon Schiele was the first artist to capture my heart like no other. He made me realize what I wanted and here I am going after it.

Low’s works unveils her personality.

I believe a person consists of many people wrapped into one, with certain dominating traits. Even if it there were a thread, thick or thing that people could identify in pieces that tie them all back to me, there are probably differences in all of them as well. I work solely from my thoughts. It might be a piece that was forethought but somewhere in the process something else takes control.

Her works express this.

Looking at art comes with a revelation to things underneath the surface of what I know about myself or about things and people around me, especially the artist. It’s almost like reading a book or watching a movie and being able to relate somehow with my own circumstance and experiences to what the creator has expressed.

I guess what I intend first and foremost is to express, and then to have those expressions create their own quiet revelations.

Art has always starved artists of success but has never deterred Low from pursuing it. Her feisty passion and extraordinary talent paves Low on her career as an artist and she only hopes for something inspiring.



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