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Optical Art - AT Sitompul

Optical Art (Op Art) has come a long way ever since the term was first coined in 1964 by Time Magazine. This art relates an illusion of movement, even though the art does not actually move. AT Sitompul has dedicated many years expressing himself only through this art genre.


In 2007, Sitompul graduated from ISI Indonesia Art Institute of Yogyakarta, and in 2009 became the best artist at the Trienal III Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta. Looking at 'System' above, everyone wonders how it's done with such precision. Sitompul shares behind-the-scenes photos for readers to understand the process.


How did your fascination with optical art begin?

I am fond of lines; Of all the kind of abstract that I know, optical becomes the form that can accommodate and perfectly mediates lines. So I continue to stick to lines and continue to develop the whole concept that I create using lines and lines only. It might sound quite compulsive, but the line is a place where I can actually describe something.


What is so special about optical art?

What is special for me is that lines can create eye illusions, and I am an artist who always works in illusory, especially spatial illusions that is a frequent theme in my work. 


How do you create such perfect beautiful symmetry?

First, I draw on a hardboard, next I chisel the drawn out pattern. Then, I filled the resulting lines with ink. Finally, print the pattern on a canvas. I am also a lover of all things that are neat, orderly, and certain, and this really influences me while working.


What is coming up next?

Currently I'm working on a 3-dimensional piece, made from the landing aluminum plate media. Its final goal will still be a work that's visually illusive, maybe I can call it "synetic art". It's a 3-dimensional work that do not actually move but when viewed will still have the motion characteristic.

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