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Tokyo Coolness at SAM 8Q

In the picture: PixCell-Deer #17 by Kohei Nawa Mixed Media. 
This taxidermic deer was purchase via online auction and covered in crystal balls.
By traversing between perception and reality, Kohei plays with how we view virtual and the real world.

The cool factor in SAM 8Q’s latest show is startling. Featuring a disco booth completed with mirrors and lights, a semi-functional hoverboard inspired by “Back to the Future” films and terabytes of digital data processing rapidly right before your eyes. 

Trans-Cool Tokyo travelled from Bangkok, where it was exhibited in Febuary, attracting almost 30,000 viewers. Consisting of 44 works selected from the 4,000 piece-collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, it focuses on young Japanese artists. From paintings, a sculpture, video and photography, this exhibition narrates how artists are establishing their individual identities within the diverse and evolving pop culture.

The title, ‘Trans-Cool’ means ‘Beyond being Cool’, it translates into Tokyo’s overture of the urban culture in Asia, which provides a new spin to the term ‘cool’ in the world. The organizers hope that through contemporary art, Trans-Cool Tokyo will motivate more to be bold and brave in carving an independent identity and to foster communication in Asia.


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