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​[Happy Hour @ APRW] COVID-19: The New Communications Playbook

Covid-19 has hit us all hard and caught us off guard – bringing us all into what we now call the “new normal”. With the increased mobility restrictions and its impact on businesses worldwide, rules of communications have changed. Instead of face-to-face gatherings, we’ve shifted our meetings, including press conferences and any form of media interaction onto virtual platforms. We believe firms need to continue to reach out their target audience effectively and this has set the stage for a New Communications Playbook.

On 14 May 2020, Asia PR Werkz presented its new series: Happy Hour @ APRW. The webinar titled, The New Communications Playbook, featured a panel of expert communicators who shared their thoughts on how to connect with target audiences.

The webinar had Fiza Hasan Malhotra, Global Marketing Director, Space Matrix, and Wu Ying Ying, Regional Head of Communications, Ninja Van as panellists and Asha Popatlal, Director, asha.pop communications as the moderator.

Key highlights and takeaways from the webinar include:

  1. Follow the H.O.T rule: Keep communications Honest, Open and Two-Way, especially for internal communications. Employees during this period are understandably worried and anxious. It is crucial that employers do their best to be transparent, open and engage with them through initiatives such as internal employee campaigns, and town halls. Such initiatives can help employees stay informed, remain connected with each other and reduce their anxiety.
  2. Communication has evolved, but staying connected remains the core of communication. While we remain connected with colleagues, friends and family via a plethora of digital tools, these tools have undoubtedly changed the way we communicate. While we strive to connect with others, video conferencing adds a layer of disengagement – we may be more easily distracted or multitask. A conscious effort is needed by all parties to engage and concentrate on the conversation. It is also a new skill that we must develop to build rapport and keep people engaged on screen.
  3. With extra effort needed, it therefore makes sense to follow the K.I.S.S. rule – Keep It Simple Stupid. Given limited attention spans and greater energy taken to focus on calls, meetings should be kept succinct and easily understandable to prevent miscommunication from happening.
  4. These are challenging times for everyone, and every individual is fighting his/her personal battles. Being empathetic, compassionate and humane when communicating is especially important right now.
  5. Lastly, listening is an essential skill that everyone has to have. Listen and understand the pain points and challenges of your target audience. By being able to relate, you will then be able craft relevant communication strategies and messages that will reach out more effectively that will connect with your audience.

You may refer to this link for the full webinar recording in case you missed it, or wanted to review it again. We have also shared the webinar on Asia PR Werkz’s official LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

We look forward to seeing you at our next webinar!


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