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SINGAPORE (17 JUNE 2011) – Singapore-based mobile application developer Bitsmedia Pte Ltd released Frenzapp Music on 17 June 2011, an application that allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to share and discover music.

Building on the success of their popular apps sharing tool, Frenzapp, Bitmedia has created Frenzapp Music. With Frenzapp Music, users can mutually share favorite tunes and allow friends to browse their favorite song library. The application also includes a handy preview function for users to listen to a 30-second excerpt of any song for free before deciding if they want to share it or even buy it from iTunes.

The interface is simple. The ‘Music’ tab allows users to access their own iPod library and use Frenzapp Music as a default music player. It even supports AirPlay to stream music to an Apple TV or any other AirPlay compatible device. This tab also allows users to access the entire iTunes catalogue (of 14 millions songs) to search for new songs and even share tracks that they don’t yet own for free. There is also a function to discover music based on what your friends or other nearby Frenzapp users listen to. A separate ‘Friends’ tab features a live feed of the songs your friends like and lets you browse each of your friends’ music libraries individually.

Frenzapp Music enhances the social networking experience via music, said Bitsmedia founder and app developer Erwan Macé, who has had extensive experience in digital music delivery. Bitsmedia currently develops iPhone applications for Universal Music in Europe and Australia. Macé was also formerly the CTO of Soundbuzz, one of the pioneers in legal digital music platforms back in 2000 and was a technical consultant for Akamai, which specialises in the delivery of digital media (including operating some of the infrastructure behind iTunes). He was also previously CTO of Vivendi Mobile Entertainment, which operates a subscription based PC/Mobile/TV service for music and movies in France and Germany.

Macé explained that Frenzapp Music builds on the accessible nature of various social networking platform. Not only does it tap on the shared interests of the people in a particular network, it also makes the social experience of sharing music easy and convenient. Frenzapp Music is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so users can share their favourite tunes with their existing social graph. “We believe that sharing music is even more emotional than sharing apps and are truly excited about this new addition to the Frenzapp family”, said Macé, “Sharing, or simply telling your friends that you like a song, is a very natural thing to do in real life, whether it's the latest track released by a mainstream artist, a niche song from an underground band, or classic hits that bring back memories.”

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Founded by French entrepreneur Erwan Macé in Singapore, Bitsmedia specialises in the development of mobile applications for iPhones and Android devices. 

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