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SINGAPORE, 16th April 2014Muslim Pro, the comprehensive Islamic mobile application providing accurate prayer times based on a user’s location, today announced that it has reached more than 10 million downloads across 216 countries worldwide since its launch less than four years ago!

Out of Muslim Pro’s existing user base of more than 10 million, it has an average of almost 3 million active users monthly. This means that Muslim Pro’s user engagement rate remains relatively high, being used by almost 30 percent of the people who have downloaded the app.

Muslim countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as countries with large Muslim minorities like France, the United States and the United Kingdom, have the highest number of downloads respectively.

Between 10,000 and 15,000 new users are added daily, but during Ramadan, downloads can shoot up to as high as 100,000 in a single day.

However, this number has definite potential for growth in time to come, especially since smart phone penetration has yet to explode in emerging markets. “Once smart phones have become a necessity in emerging markets like they are now for other parts of the world, we can expect Muslim Pro’s user base to increase by up to 3 times,” said Bitsmedia CEO, Erwan Mace. “In addition to that, new platforms and additional community apps are always being developed, which will further contribute to an increase in downloads.”

Muslim Pro was created by Bitsmedia, a Singapore-based mobile apps factory specializing in apps for iPhone and Android, and was first released during Ramadan in August 2010.

The inception of Muslim Pro came when Bitsmedia CEO, Erwan Mace, felt that although there were many prayer time apps available, none were adequate enough.

Besides providing accurate prayer times based on a user’s location, Muslim Pro’s other main features include worldwide Qibla directions, Azan clock, as well as integration with popular location based application Foursquare to find Halal restaurants or Mosques.

“Muslim Pro remains our core app, both in terms of revenue and team priorities,” said Mace. “We are in the midst of working on a few separate yet related applications to extend the reach of Muslim Pro beyond just religion — these further developments will help address Islam as a culture and a community as well.”

Overcoming both language and mobile platform barriers, Muslim Pro is accessible to the entire Muslim community worldwide, with it being the first Islamic app to be translated in 15 languages. Already available for iOS and Android, Muslim Pro has also just been released on BlackBerry World (for BB10 devices) this month. Bitsmedia is now also working on a Windows Phone 8 version.


Muslim Pro is available online at, and as a mobile application for  iOS, Android and BlackBerry on the Apple App Store, Google Play and BlackBerry World respectively.


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Founded by French entrepreneur Erwan Macé in Singapore, Bitsmedia specialises in the development of mobile applications for iPhones and Android devices.