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Welcoming 2019 - Your Agenda in Barcelona & beyond

This month's agenda invites you to discover numerous cafés, shops, restaurants and museums. The festive spirit lingers on in events such as the Catalan Orfeó choir performing Christmas songs in Plaça del Rei on January 3. It’s also a time of traditions.

For many local children, the biggest event of the year is the arrival of the Three Kings on January 5, marked with a huge parade through the city centre; on Kings’ Day itself. On January 6, families eat the tortell de reis cake. And around January 17, Catalans pay homage to their patron saint of animals with the festivities of the Tres Tombs. 

One of the best things about Barcelona is how close it is to a wide range of places to visit for different experiences – at this time of year, the snowy mountains of the Pyrenees are easily accessible for a fantastic day trip! 

Check out some ideas for your itineraries in 2019, and you'll be surprised at how much there is to see outside Barcelona city!