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Inspired by the Illuminating History of Maritime Trade at Clarke Quay, HEYTEA Singapore Lands at the Shores of Clarke Quay with a Lighthouse Theme

SINGAPORE, 24th January 2019 – Ever since China’s Number 1 contemporary tea connoisseur and the original inventor of cheezo tea HEYTEA arrived in Singapore, they have ignited much interest and made waves in Singapore’s tea-drinking scene. Well-received by the enthusiastic crowd in Singapore, HEYTEA Singapore is proud to announce the grand opening of its second outlet at Clarke Quay on 26th January 2019. Boasting a modest area of 2,200 sqft, customers can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea in the comfort of the modern teahouse – a space imbued with creativity.

What is so special about HEYTEA Clarke Quay, one may ask! Located amidst the bustling bar scene at Clarke Quay, unlike all other HEYTEA outlets, this outlet opens at 12.00 p.m. and closes as late as 1.00 a.m. into the night to cater to all the party lovers out there. Its well-thought-out opening hours fits perfectly with the Singapore drinking culture!

The intricately designed lighthouse thematic store is also HEYTEA’s very 1st Daydreamer Project outlet in Singapore, and the 9th around the world! With the grand opening, HEYTEA also specially introduces Singapore’s first-ever in-store tea experience laboratory TEA GEEK BAR.

The tea-ristas behind TEA GEEK BAR is to upgrade the tea drinking experience. What better way to express our sincere appreciation than with exclusive concoctions only available for our fans in Singapore? With these heartfelt thoughts in mind, TEA GEEK BAR created specially curated recipes well-tailored to the Singaporean palate. Expect 4 very special Singapore-exclusives – 2 TEA GEEK SPECIAL BLEND and 2 TIPSY ICE CREAMS, bound to capture the heart of Singaporean.

HEYTEA Daydreamer Project: Inspiration behind Lighthouse Thematic HEYTEA Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay has a rich illuminating history as an important location for maritime trade. Aligned with the aesthetics of Clarke Quay, the design of HEYTEA’s outlet in Clarke Quay boasts a lighthouse theme to accentuate the rich history of the wharf. Through shining of bright lights into the darkness of the store, a special lighting effect provides a gentle whimsical ambience in the space.

Be pleasantly greeted by an adorable HEYTEA claw machine placed in store to bring joy to waiting customers. Every two HEYTEA drinks purchased will entitle customers to one HEYTEA coin, which can be used for a try at the claw machine. A special surprise and a terrific entertainment for customers!

Adhering to its commitment of rejuvenating and internationalizing the traditional tea culture, HEYTEA is driven by the brand concept “INSPIRATION OF TEA” – A Cup of HEYTEA Evokes Inspiration. Key elements of the brand surrounding COOL, INSPIRATION, ZEN and DESIGN contribute greatly to HEYTEA’s overall modern brand style that has successfully captured the hearts of millennials!

The brick-and-mortar spaces of HEYTEA is an accurate representation of the brand's philosophy. With a strong focus on the overall customer experience, elements evoking inspiration are cleverly integrated throughout HEYTEA's interior. In addition to the basic standard stores, HEYTEA has fanciful thematic retail stores such as HEYTEA LAB, BLACK Gold, PINK and HEYTEA DP (HEYTEA Daydreamer Project).

HEYTEA collaborated with top independent designers from all over the world. Engaging these expert global designers from different fields is one of HEYTEA's active efforts to explore the limitless possibilities of space design. Through its aesthetically beautiful outlook, HEYTEA seeks to enhance the customer experience, and thereafter make modern tea consumption both unique and trendy.

HEYTEA’s in-store Tea Experience Laboratory TEA GEEK BAR

HEYTEA Clarke Quay is home to HEYTEA’s first-ever in-store Tea Experience Laboratory, TEA GEEK BAR. TEA GEEK BAR is an epitome of HEYTEA’s limitless creativity, inspiration and innovation. At this innovative space, HEYTEA’s tea-ristas are encouraged to explore different flavours and push boundaries. TEA GEEK BAR provides a comfortable platform for tea-ristas to experiment with local ingredients and HEYTEA’s teas, seeking for the most harmonious match to create the most ground-breaking products. Plenty of special out-of-this-world limited-edition HEYTEA TEA GEEK SPECIAL BLEND creations are concocted here. In particular, it was at TEA GEEK BAR that the creative ideas behind the special Singapore-exclusives items as a gift to our Singaporean supporters took off!

HEYTEA Clarke Quay launches TEA GEEK SPECIAL BLEND: 6 brand-new alcoholic tea creations

Alcoholic tea drinks created for the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Spring Fling (S$16) –

Spring Fling is a harmonious pairing of white rum base and Jasmine Cloud Pine. Created with a base of jasmine green tea and infused with essence of limes and smashed mint leaves, the icy-cold classic mojito cocktail is both delicious and refreshing!

Summer Siesta (S$18) –

This tropical cocktail fit for the hot summer boasts a combination of sweet plum wine and HEYTEA’s Ever Spring. Luscious green apple slices from France perched atop of this beautiful masterpiece accentuate the uniquely sweet yet sour flavours of Japanese plum wine and brings out the floral fragrance of its Ever Spring tea base. Be pleasantly surprised by the bed of chewy rice balls and sweet rice wine beneath – something authentically Chinese.

Autumn Ashes (S$16) –

A beautiful blend of tequila and Shining Orchid, Autumn Ashes reminds one of the breath-taking sunsets with its pleasant gradient of amber, tangerine and crimson red colours. The sharp strong scent of chilli padi stimulates the senses and enhances the wonderful flavours of juicy grapefruit pulps and fresh pineapple juice while the faint bitterness of tequila brings out the pitaya aroma of cam ranh.

Winter Solace (S$18) –

This classy romantic cocktail is every lady’s favourite! Made from five organic grains namely proso millet, corn, glutinous rice, long grain rice and wheat, Wuliangye forms the foundation of this drink alongside a famous tea variety from Guangzhou. The hint of sweetness from the quality Chinese Baijiu balances the sourness from the strawberries and blueberries. Garnished with a string of blueberries and slices of rosy red strawberries, the Winter Solace is what every girl needs!

Singapore-exclusive alcoholic tea creations:

Scarlet’s Heart (S$16): Specially created to quench thirsts in the hot and humid Singapore, Scarlet’s Heart is a refreshing watermelon-pink tipple topped off with a layer of foamy egg white. Combining the sweet notes of fresh fruits, juicy pineapple pulps and cognac brandy with a hint of floral fragrance from jasmine green tea, this spectacular looking cocktail boasts a silky texture and sweet mellow flavours.

The Royal’s Romance (S$22): Fit for a royal, The Royal’s Romance is a stellar combination of vodka and osmanthus oolong. The smooth versatile liquor plays extremely well with light osmanthus oolong tea. Laced with a sprig of thyme and coupled with a splash of zest from fresh lemons, this summer cocktail delivers a good, clean punch. Don’t forget to bite into the plethora of tasty sea coconut and mangosteen flesh which lie beneath this gorgeous mysterious red tipple.

An ingenious matchmake in heaven, the TEA GEEK SPECIAL BLEND series work wonders with its magical pairing of tea plus alcohol. In addition, the unique textures and flavours of the drinks are elevated with the use of tropical fresh fruits such as sea coconut, pineapple and grapefruit. With limitless creativity, HEYTEA pushes boundaries and seek to achieve purity and poetry in its tea and alcohol creations.

Making a stunning breakthrough, HEYTEA introduces TIPSY ICE-CREAM: 2 Singapore-exclusive alcoholic ice creams:

Singapore Sling (S$5.50): An iconic cocktail for the sunny island of Singapore transformed into an alluring blush-pink soft serve. Enjoy the burst of flavours from the supreme combination of Singapore Sling and Shining Orchid!

Guinness (S$4.50): What could be better than beer? Beer and ice cream! Made with Guinness Irish Stout and King Fone ice cream, this soft serve has a strong, malty Guinness flavour that goes supremely well with the refreshing oolong tea ice cream. Indulge yourself on our cool Guinness ice cream for a quick refresh after a long day at work!

HEYTEA Clarke Quay Opening Promotion

Enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion from 26th January – 28th January 2019. Promotion not applicable to Tea Geek Special Blend menu except Tipsy Ice Cream.

First 150 customers daily will have a chance to walk away with a set of HEYTEA merchandise.

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“INSPIRATION OF TEA” A Cup of HEYTEA Evokes Inspiration

Since 2012, the original creator of cheese tea, HEYTEA is driven by the aim of showcasing excellent tea offerings sourced from all over the world which has given the ancient culture of tea a new vitality. “A cup of tea, inspiring an inspiration” is a product of inspiration, an original product that wants to share the true taste of tea. HEYTEA is committed to rejuvenating the traditional tea culture and making high-quality tea products accessible to the masses. Today, the brand has over 100 stores in China, and its offerings have won both critical and public acclaim.

HEYTEA @ Clarke Quay

Address: HEYTEA @ CLARKE QUAY #01-06 at 3A River Valley Road, Singapore 179020

Official Opening: 26th January 2019

Opening Hours: 12pm – 1am daily

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