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Evorich Flooring Group Sponsoring Miss Earth Singapore 2012

Evorich Flooring Group is proud to be part of the sponsors for Miss Earth Singapore 2012 alongside other renowned companies in Singapore. 

"Miss Earth Singapore is one of the major Eco events in Singapore today. We are looking into a long term relationship with the organizers of Miss Earth Singapore to help to spread the green message and awareness to the general public. This goes hand in hand pretty well with our efforts into educating the public on the benefits of using Eco sustainable flooring as well as other green lifestyle products in their day to day activities."

said Jacky Tan, Senior Marketing PR Manager (Asia Pacific) for Evorich Flooring Group.

Miss Earth Singapore is also supported by organisations such as Singapore Environmental Council, Southwest CDC as well as the National Environment Agency. Through such environmental protection awareness campaign, the public especially the young people can understand and appreciate the natural beauty of the environment around us. 

"We are very happy to be the first flooring contractor in Singapore to be one of the sponsors for Miss Earth Singapore 2012. We will look forward to the partnership with Miss Earth Singapore and will continue to give our support and efforts in advocating this wonderful event."

said Dennis Teo, Managing Director of Evorich

Quoted this beautiful slogan from Miss Earth Singapore website:

"If beauty can launch a thousand ships, it can certainly influence people to help protect and preserve the environment."

The Coronation Night event for Miss Earth Singapore 2012 will be held at The Avalon, Marina Bay Sands on 23 June 2012.

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