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A Different Outdoor Decking For Your Exterior

In the modern world, we are facing with many global issues such as global warming, deforestation as well as illegal cutting down of trees from rainforests that are kept for the survival of natural living habitats. If this continues, our future generation would be greatly affected and it would cause drastic change to our living environment. In order to educate the public to be more aware and to do their part in protecting our living environment, eco friendly products are introduced into the market.

More people are educated to go green by choosing products with accredited eco labels to prevent further depletion of tropical forests. Eco labels are given to wood products that are taken from sustainable timber which are ready to be chopped down instead of using young trees that are supposed to be left for growing.


If you are looking at outdoor decking for your home, eco wood flooring might be a good option for you as it is a good insulator of heat. During rainy weathers, your feet will not feel cold and during warm and hot weathers, your feet would not be burned and it would be safe for you to walk on. It is suitable for areas that are highly exposed to the sun such as swimming pools pavements and outdoor passageways. In this way, your flooring would be safe for your family members to make their way to the pool bare footed. You can even create an alfresco dining area in the balcony using eco wood flooring to enhance the atmosphere of the place.

Resistant to Discoloration

Accoya® wood decking is the best choice of eco wood as it is weather resistant and resistant to discoloration. The original beauty of the wood can be retain longer than natural timber and can last for a long period of time. Accoya® wood decking does not require much maintenance and it could make our life easier in the long run instead of going for budget decking that would cause many problems in the future.

Eco wood flooring is considered natural wood species hence it does not emit toxic emission to the surrounding which makes our living environment a better and safer place to live in.

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Press Release

A Better Option For Outdoor Wood DeckingApr 13, 2012 15:21 SGT

Today, our world is facing with many global issues such as deforestation and illegal chopping of natural timber that requires our concern and attention. If this continues, our natural habitat would be affected and it would cause drastic change for our future generations hence, there is a need to educate and create awareness for the public to do their part by opting for materials that are eco-friendly.  

For homeowners that are intending to renovate their home floorings, they could go for eco wood that are taken from sustainable timber instead of young trees that are not suppose to be cut down yet to produce wood products.

What are some of the benefits of installing eco-wood decking?

Heat Insulator

Eco-wood is a better heat insulator whereby you do not need to worry that your flooring would give you plenty of problems. Since it is for outdoor purposes whereby it would be highly exposed to rain and shine, the floor have to be safe for homeowners to use. During warm and hot weather, it can help to keep your feet cool and safe to walk and sit on. During rainy and cold weathers or even air-conditioned room, it can keep your feet warm and you will feel comfortable sitting on it too.  

Safe for the environment

Choosing eco-friendly wood decking can help to save the environment and it can be recycled without causing any harmful or toxic emission to our living environment hence the surrounding air around us will be fresher and better.

Low Maintenance

Accoya® wood decking is an eco wood that does not require much maintenance. As it is installed at the outdoor areas, maintaining a decking can be a hassle hence you would have to choose the right flooring that does not gives you much headaches. It is also UV resistant whereby the original beauty of the wood would last longer than other natural wood. Accoya® wood decking does not crack easily which would be safer for the family members at home.

When you are choosing materials for your outdoor decking, you can go for those that have accredited eco labels by doing your part of helping our environment.

Written By: Zhiqi Ng

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