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A Deeper Understanding About Wood Flooring

Wood flooring adds luxury and style to your property. Although there is no accurate number of tree species in the world, the number is estimated to about 25,000. Wood can be made for indoor and outdoor purposes. Wood flooring is widely appreciated for its rareness and natural beauty.

In this article, let's go deeper to understand more about the natural properties  of wood flooring:


Each piece of wooden flooring board is different and unique, even if they are sawn from the same tree. Because of such natural characteristics, the flooring will stand out uniquely from your neighbours. It will therefore gives your property a sense of extraordinary design. However, the property owner also needs to know that, wood is a natural product. When installed, he or she will need to accept that there may be some color and tone variations due to the unique characteristics of natural wood.

Natural Hardness & Stability 

Wood flooring materials' surface hardness is measured using a janka hardness chart. Wood species with high janka hardness is normally heavy and strong. When walked on it, one will have a solid and firm feel. However, when exposed to heavy sunlight and heat, the hard surfaced wood may have more obvious hairline cracks compared to soft wood. Hairline cracks are natural small splits within the wood board. It is not considered as a defect. Softwood will have less hairlines but it will be prone to dent due to heavy pressure impact. Hence, for first time wood flooring owners, they will need to know and accept this natural phenomenon. 

Luxury & Eco Friendly

Wood flooring is considered as an one-of-the-kind luxury flooring product. It increases the value of your property. On top of that, wood can be recycled and re-used. Historic woods, also known grey woods, are typically 100 over years old timber taken from old wooden construction such as ship wrecks & old worn down architectures; it is then re-conditioned into new wood. This is one way to enjoy wood flooring while saving our forests. However, historic woods is not able to be replaced easily with another wood plank with the exact condition and age, which in turn will result in obvious color tones differences when there is replacement of wood planks. Another alternate way in which, the wood lover can contribute his or her part to the eco environment, is by installing engineered wood.

In summary, by having a deeper understanding of wood as a natural flooring product, the owner can therefore, appreciates better for its value, and its beauty.

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