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Can Wood Alike Flooring Be Used For Your Office Space?

A piece of exquisite wood flooring can enhance the ambience and outlook of the environment by transforming the place into a cozier space. Not only does it allow your interior to look stunning, it makes your living space feel welcoming and comfortable. However, usually offices do not go for wood flooring as it is difficult to maintain especially when there will be many computer roller chairs moving around which may cause unwanted and ugly scratches on the beautiful flooring and it can be costly and time consuming to do maintenance for the office flooring when varnishing is required after a period of time for the wood to maintain its beauty at the best.

High end resilient flooring (HERF) was introduced into the flooring market to cater to the demands for residential as well as the commercial projects. HERF emulates wood alike designs and patterns that allow employers to have a different office unit that looks comfortable and does not require high maintenance.

Low Maintenance

HERF does not require much maintenance to be done; basic cleaning is all it required to maintain the beauty of your office flooring for a long period of time. No extra maintenance such as varnishing or polishing is needed hence it saves the time and cost of repairing and maintaining their current wood alike flooring. This eases the job of the part time cleaners and allows them to have more time to clean other corners of the office.

Water Proof

For offices whereby there would be many employees working together, spillage of drinks and chips tends to be unavoidable. HERF is a waterproof material whereby employers as well as employees do not need to worry that their drinks would damage the flooring.

Termite Proof

As HERF does not contain any wood content in it, no termites would feed on the material and damaged the flooring unlike wood flooring.

HERF is suitable for office space due to its material properties and it creates a comfortable environment for employees whereby they feel warm and welcoming and allow them to be more productive.

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