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Difference Between Vinyl Flooring & High End Resilient Flooring

Since the advent of high end resilient flooring, many home owners often get it confused with vinyl flooring. Since both are not made up of wood and has water proof characteristic, both types of flooring seems to be very similar to one another.

However, high end resilient flooring is very much different from conventional vinyl flooring. Here are the reasons why:

1) Flooring Installation differs

Before installing conventional vinyl flooring, you need a perfect level ground surface. Unevenness will cause the vinyl floor to be unbalanced. On the other hand, high end resilient floor can be installed on uneven ground. Due to its rubberistic feature, any unevenness on the ground are insulated completely.

2) No Glue Approach

Other than that, vinyl flooring installation requires glue-down approach. That means you'll need to use lots of glue to install vinyl floor and it will make the entire flooring looks pretty messy and "un-environmentally friendly." High End resilient flooring uses the "click and lock" system to install. Totally 'glueless.'

3) Moving House? Bring Your Flooring Along?

The shape and layout of high end resilient flooring are very flexible. Since it requires zero glue installation, you can bring along your existing high end resilient floor as you moved house many years later. You can't do it with vinyl flooring or all other types of flooring.

4) Limited Designs & Colours

Vinyl floor has limited designs and colours for residential usage as its common uses is mostly in commercial areas such as hospitals and factories. As for high end resilient flooring, whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, there is still a wide variety of designs and colours for you to choose from.

5) Vinyl Floor Looks Very Plastic

Conventional vinyl flooring has an artificial plastic look; it does not give a tough wooden look and  wooden feel at all. High end resilient flooring, on the other hand, looks and feels like real wood. Furthermore, it is not easy to tell from the 'naked' eye.

In summary, we can understand that although both vinyl flooring and high end resilient flooring are very much different in their usage, both are unique in their own ways and benefits.  

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