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EVORICH Gives Singapore Homeowners More Secure in Warranty, Test Reports Affirmation & Brand Credibility

The flooring business is no exception when it comes to the tough competition in a vigorous economy hub such as Singapore. However, little is known that there are more than 400 companies in this country alone that are committed to the flooring business or have a fair share in the related trade.

Although it is encouraging to see more SMEs joining the market and stir healthy competition, buying floor products from minor flooring companies could lead to some hidden issues that consumers may not think deeper into at the purchasing stage. For example, if there are future touch-up jobs to be done yet the company they engaged with has stopped operating, who should they turn to for help? It would be even more costly to look for another flooring company to do the job because they are not protected by warranties of any sort.

What is more, most start-up flooring companies or companies that do not specialise in vinyl floor uses uncertain materials with no legit test reports and certifications to back up for the composition in the products. With that in mind, it is important to always look for a well-established flooring company with years or decades of experience.

EVORICH Flooring has more than 16 years of practice in designing, trading and installing a broad range of floors, decks and walls. Unlike other flooring companies, it has the largest warehouse and in-house flooring, decking and wall installation team in the country.

All of EVORICH’s products have gone through stringent tests that are legally recognised by the country on toxicity for a clean indoor air quality. Also, we are the only flooring company in Singapore to be accredited with CASETRUST where our customers are assured with quality-checked products and are authorised with the right to appeal their cases to a recognised third party. That demonstrates our responsibility to consumer’s user experience and commitment to fair trading.

We have been constantly improving ourselves and bring forth new products to the market because we have the knowledge, background, technology and financial base that allow us to be innovative and the spearhead of the flooring industry. With all the virtues and ethical practice, EVORICH Flooring had thus gained industry recognition: Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Singapore Prestige Brand Award and other honorary awards.

Why Choose EVORICH?

As a wise consumer, you know what to do now. Verify with us at and be assured not to be a victim for we carry the safest vinyl to breathe in and the floor you can pass on for generations.

Don’t worry, be happy! 😊

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EVORICH is one of the most reputable flooring, decking and wall contractors in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. We provide the end user with supply and installation of quality laminate flooring, high-end resilient flooring, engineered wood flooring, instant wall makeover tiles, external facade wall claddings, indoor and outdoor decking.

EVORICH is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, being a strong advocate in introducing Eco green products into the building and construction industry worldwide. Moreover, EVORICH has been awarded as one of the Most Promising SME 500 Awards in Singapore and is the first flooring contractor in Singapore to win the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2011. EVORICH has also been awarded the Orchid Trusted Brands 2012 for providing quality customer services in Singapore.

Additionally, the group is also the co-sponsor & award presenter to Southeast Asia Property Awards – the biggest award event to recognise developers in Southeast Asia. EVORICH Flooring is also one of the first flooring contractors in Singapore to be awarded both the ISO and British Standard OHSAS accreditation.

With the same advocacy for the Green Eco Movement in Singapore, EVORICH Founder judged and sponsored the Miss Earth 2013 and 2014.

Over the years, EVORICH continues to focus on giving the best, innovative and good quality flooring, decking, and wall products to consumers. Since 2012, EVORICH has embarked on a franchising journey to share her experience in flooring with prospective franchisees. Since then, the geographical reach has expanded in the Asia Pacific region to provide holistic and hassle-free flooring solutions to esteemed clients through dedicated franchisees. EVORICH was therefore included to be one of the winners for the Promising Franchisor of the Year 2015 awarded by the Franchise and Licensing Association of Singapore.

From 2015, EVORICH Founder has been chosen to be one of the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) Board of Governors since 2015 – promoting and encouraging everyone to have the entrepreneurial spirit and nurture the Spirit of Enterprise in Singapore's youths of today. In the same year, EVORICH was also working alongside with Calvary Community Care by giving inspirational talks to selected youths from different schools in Singapore.

Also in the year 2015, Evorich Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. attained the accreditation for CaseTrust. EVORICH is the first ever flooring company to achieve the prestigious accreditation. On the following year - 2016, EVORICH's Managing Director, Dennis Teo was awarded as one of the Winners for Entrepreneur of the Year Awards - Established Category adding credibility to EVORICH’s ever-growing list of accomplishments.

In EVORICH, at every moment, everyone self-cultivates self-motivation to 'think success', work productively' and most importantly, we FLOOR & DECK with CONSCIENCE from manufacturing procurement to making you feel 'happy & safe' with EVORICH in your property.

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