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Is Laminate Flooring Getting Popular in Private and Public Residential Projects?

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Is Laminate Flooring Getting Popular in Private and Public Residential Projects?

Traditionally, most condominium and public residential projects in Singapore are installed with parquet especially for the bedroom flooring.Home owners and builders are usually restricted to limited choices, it's either oak or teak parquet and the colors are much standardised; on top of that, parquet is prone to scratches and discoloration in which it incur maintenance costs such as parquet restoration and wood varnishing. Due to these reasons, property owners and developers started to look for an alternative and cost effective floor option and it seems that laminate flooring is on the top of their list.

Today, builders and architects are beginning to install laminate flooring for their residential and commercial projects. One of the few reputable housing projects in Singapore that adopted laminate flooring is the 578 units - Park Central, DBSS @ Ang Mo Kio. This current project uses Tarkett laminate floorboards, a well known Swedish brand in the laminate flooring industry.

Some of the benefits of laminate floor over parquet is its wide variety of designs and colors for the property owners to choose from. It is like you name it, you will have it, from the rarest wood species to customised images out of your imagination.

Laminate flooring is also highly scratch resistant; so home owners with pets need not worry about having your bedroom flooring scratched. Moreover, the color tones of quality laminate flooring won't fade with time compared to parquet. Unlike parquet, new laminate flooring technology today requires no glue-down installation approach. It uses a click interlocking system.

Laminate flooring is very easy to maintain and housekeep. However, We must also note that laminate flooring is not 100% water proof so heavy duty washing is not recommended. You can click the link to the article "7 Simple Steps of Laminate Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance" to find out more about laminate flooring maintenance.

Understanding the concerns and the demands of today's properties owners will benefit the architects and developers a lot, especially in selecting the best possible flooring material for their building projects.


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