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New Eco Friendly Wood ~ Accoya®

In today's building and architectural industry, we are beginning to see a growing trend in advocating sustainable and Eco green philosophy into worldwide buildings and architectures especially in recent developing regions such as Southeast Asia.

Accoya®, the natural wood with the most Eco accreditation, has recently been introduced into the Southeast Asia market at the right time.

Here are some of the benefits Accoya® timber has over traditional outdoor decking materials such as Balau, Chengal and wood plastic composite (wpc).

1. Sustainable & Eco Friendly Recognitions

Being a responsible timber supplier, Accoya® has the most eco labels such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC©), Singapore Green Label, PEFC as well as Cradle to Cradle® Gold Certification. The builder and home owner can therefore enjoy quality wood works and at the same time, doing their part for the environment.

2. High Dimensional Stability

Due to very minimal expansion and contraction of the timber from heat and changing environments, the timber will not warp, split, twist or swell easily. And this makes it highly recommended for projects such as swimming pools, jetty and seafront bungalows.

3. Relatively High Resistance to Termites & Decay

This is probably due to the fact that Accoya® timber is tested as indigestible to insects and microorganisms. Hence it is suitable in outdoor decking areas especially in building projects near heavily forested areas such as Bukit Timah. 

4. UV Resistant

What it means to the owner is that, the natural appearances of Accoya® timber will remain as it is for a very long period of time under the the stong sunlight. Color changes within a short time frame for outdoor composite wood materials due to strong sunlight, has recently been considered as a big issue for some building developers and owners in Singapore; hence with Accoya®, such issue is unnecessary. 

5. Insulates Heat Easily 

Accoya® has relatively better heat insulation properties than traditional wood and composite materials. Hence, it contributes greatly to energy conservation and also keeps the surrounding environment cooler. Such benefit makes the timber suitable for wall cladding, pergolas and trellis projects.

6. Healthy & Environmentally Friendly

Accoya® is fully reusuable and recyclable; other than that, it is non-toxic and manufactured in a sustainable way. Hence, this benefits home owners especially with young children; it makes the home owner feel secured and safe with regards to the well being of his or her familiy members.

7. Long Lasting 

Accoya® is the first natural wood that provides its clients a 50 years warranty for above ground building projects and 25 years warranty for in ground projects. This therefore, builds up the confidence and long term credibility from its product users.

The world changing at a pretty fast momentum. While chasing such a momentum, we must also not forget the growing concern for a sustainable global environment. Hence for outdoor construction projects, the use of eco friendly wood such as Accoya® should be widely advocated.

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