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Shopping Tips for Your Balcony Decking

Today in Singapore, especially in the newer private and public apartments, balcony decking is becoming commonplace. The demand for balcony decking materials is also seen on the rise. With the massive availability of decking products today, buying a good quality and safe decking product for your balcony is therefore, of the utmost importance.

Here are some important buying tips for your balcony deck.

1) Anti Termite Process on Deck Using Phenol is a big "No"

Make sure that the decking material does not gone through any serious anti-termite process. Phenol, a colourless substance that is toxic to human health, is often the additive to common wood decking to make it 100% anti termite. However, according to US Environmental Protection Agency report,  people who are hypersensitive to it could experience serious side effects at very low exposures especially to the respiratory system.

Hence, it is important for home owners to always check to see if there is any phenol or other harmful substance that are added to prevent the decking from termites or not. This process is often called "tenderizing." Ask for the technical specifications of the product when in doubt.

2) Low in VOC

Always check whether the particular product is tested and proven to be low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or not. Decking material and installation that requires little or less glue is always recommended.

3) Safer Method of Installation

Always check if the installation is done in a safe and secured manner. Top nail down approach on wood decking may be dangerous overtime due to wear and time. The expansion and contraction of the decking may cause nail to be protruded in an outward fashion. Check with your flooring contractor what kind of method do they use for their decking; safe recommended methods are the uses of air gun, clip system or 'secret' nailing system.

4) High in Heat and Fire Resistance

Look for good decking materials that have high heat insulating properties and resistance to high temperature and fire. Especially when installing an outdoor pool decking, decking products with low quality heat insulating properties, may make the decking too "hot" for the bare feet. 

5) Sustainability Reason 

Especially for natural wood decking, today some common wood species such as Chengal and Merbau are already being specified as vulnerable species in the worldwide forests. Hence, it is always good to look for wood decking that come from responsible manufacturers that produce their decking product from responsible forest resources. Some common accreditation, the home owners can look into are the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), PEFC or Cradle to Crade certification. 

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