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New Subsidiary Airline Selects Boeing 777

Singapore Airlines’ new subsidiary airline has selected the Boeing 777-200 ahead of its launch of commercial flights next year.

The aircraft type was selected following a detailed evaluation. Aircraft will initially be acquired from parent company Singapore Airlines and reconfigured in a new seating layout.

The B777-200’s proven versatility and reliability are key deciding factors in the selection of the aircraft. The B777 family of aircraft has been a mainstay of the Singapore Airlines fleet since its introduction in 1997.

Campbell Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of the new airline, said: “The selection of the initial fleet marks another milestone in the establishment of the new airline. The process is progressing well for our launch next year.”

The new airline, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, will operate under a no-frills, low-fare model serving medium and long-haul routes. It will be operated independently and managed separately from Singapore Airlines. Details of its branding, products and services, and route network will be unveiled in the coming months.


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Scoot™ will provide medium and long haul no-frills flights from mid-2012, and tickets will go on sale in the first quarter of 2012. Operating an initial fleet of four Boeing 777 aircraft, Scoot's first-year routes will link Australia, Singapore and China, with others to be announced. Scoot will provide – in addition to fantastic value airfares – a safe, reliable and contemporary travel experience with a unique attitude – Scootitude™. Scoot is passionate about changing the way people travel long distance.


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