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The Way We Live

Living spaces are an expression of our individual attitude to life and of our own individual demands. Setting high standards and doing one’s utmost to improve usually implies having a special awareness for the meaning of quality.

For geff, living is an appreciation of the quality of life and all things natural.

First, let’s talk about Laminate Flooring, the ever versatile flooring that has gain high popularity in recent years.

Laminate flooring has long since freed itself from its natural predecessors-timber flooring, not just because of its high resilience, easy maintenance and suitability of use in intensively used rooms, but also the fact that it is considered a renewable and recyclable material. Laminate flooring is experiencing a higher appreciation than ever.

Here at geff, much emphasis is placed on handling the natural resources in a sustainable manner. Wood materials used in the production are only taken from sustainable forestry programmes. Wood wastes are also being fed back into power stations, generating renewable energy. The entire cycle ensures that no material is ever wasted.

All geff products are regularly being tested by independent institutes for the environmental impact. And every result reaffirms our commitment to the environment and our esteemed customers.

Our result:-

1)      Style

A product that offers a great range of flexibility in styles, colours and designs, laminate flooring have evolved over the years to come in a huge variety of colours and styles that will give your homes that rich and beautiful look of wood but at a so much more reasonable pricing.

2)      Health

The surface of geff laminate floor is hard and smooth, offering very little room for dust particles, molds and fungus to get trapped, giving the floor the ability to ensure a clean and healthy flooring surface for you and your family. In addition, a safe and controlled level of formaldehyde emission (E1), tested by established laboratory from Europe, makes it safe even for your young ones at home.

3)      Hassle-free installation

Advanced technology gives birth to a new and improved method of installation, just click and go! No hacking of sub floor is required as laminate floor can be overlaid over almost any other floors.

4)      Durability

Unlike other types of flooring, the hard and durable finish on the top layer of geff laminate floors come with excellent wear, impact & scratch resistance.

5)      Cost Effective

Best value for money, hassle free installation and maintenance. The best value you can bring to your home!

6)      GREEN – taking you one step closer to nature

Making the right choice for your floor at home, giving you the peace of mind, assurance of quality while taking you one step closer to nature.

It is often said that one can’t have the best of both worlds. Here at geff, we will show you that you can have the best of both (or all!) worlds for your homes.

Come, continue your journey with us into nature.



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