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In Step with Nature - geff

Introducing our very first initiative as a responsible trade partner by bringing to you geff flooring, which comply with all robust international standards such as EPLF, ISO etc. We aim to be your one stop centre for all your GREEN interior needs, starting with the floor as the canvas to cement both your creativity and wants.

The mission of geff flooring is to promote and generate awareness of the right things. There are many times when we have bypassed the right thing to do when making our interior selection, when we are seduced to go for inferior materials that comes at lower price. How many times have we checked to make sure that the products that we are getting are right for us? (Right –> safe for health, safe for use in our homes and environmentally friendly)

We ensure that our suppliers’ products are tested by stringent industry standards that cover your health and safety requirements. Last but not least, all geff flooring comes certified with the Singapore Green Label.

We believe that not only do we need to preserve our environment; the same proper care should be given to our esteemed customers as well.

As we enter a new age, where ecological concerns need addressing, the demand & supply of GREEN buildings and homes will actualized to become both an eco way of life and choice.

 Join us, as we began our first step with nature.

*Contrary to many myths and beliefs, chopping down trees is NOT deforestation, is NOT harmful to the environment. In fact, responsible forestry practice encourages the re-growth of trees, making wood the most renewable material.*


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Take your step into nature with us


Jean Leong

Press contact Regional Marketing Manager (65) 6787 8787 Goodrich Global