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Image credit: well said, Josh Clark and Bruce Lee, and nice illustration, Stephanie Walter
Image credit: well said, Josh Clark and Bruce Lee, and nice illustration, Stephanie Walter

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Why you need to share content ...even if it's not written by you

Shout out to Eva Diaz who wrote this interesting piece about why you should share content, even if it's not your own, as part of your marketing strategy. It's short and punchy and gives input from a variety of sources she interviewed for her article (including me).

She writes: "Whether it is to create awareness for a brand, to promote a product or a service, businesses are now coming to grips with the reality that they need to share content."

So, in the spirit of sharing content, I am posting here additional reasons why you should be sharing content online.

I share content for four reasons:

  1. Raise awareness, profiling and positioning. The fact that Eva pinged me in response to an article I shared on LinkedIn is proof that it works! Not every post is going to lead to a paid engagement, but that's okay. I enjoy the interaction.
  2. Join, or lead, the conversation. Sharing content has become an imperative, whether I write it myself or share premium content written or produced by others. The alternative is to sit in a dark room with a sound proof door. Is that any way to attract new business?
  3. Walk the talk. We produce content and syndicate it for our clients. We practise what we preach. In fact, why not go to my LinkedIn posts and YouTube channel right now and see whether there is any interesting content there which you would like to share with your network? Or reply to this post with your own LinkedIn and YouTube content which you would like to offer to us to share?
  4. Build your own repository. How many times have you come across an interesting article and then, months later, can't find it again. When I share content, I also know where to find it again. So, while I share these articles for my clients' benefit, I also build a repository of articles for my own reference.

What are the reasons you share content online? If you're not yet sharing content online, what's stopping you?

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