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Calling all CEOs/CFOs/IROs: Are you ready for the AGM?

Calling all CEOs/CFOs/IROs: Are you ready for the AGM?

Event date 2 March 2018 12:30 – 14:00

Location Hong Bao Media Integrated Communications Centre, 137 Cecil Street, #10-09 Hengda Building, Singapore 069537

With peak AGM season coming up, Hong Bao Media is teaming up with Paia Consulting to run a limited number of communications workshops for Heads of Investor Relations, Boards of Directors and Senior Leadership Teams titled "Are you ready for the AGM?"

BoDs/SLTs and their IROs will learn:

  • Best practise in presentation of financial statements
  • Best practise in dealing with difficult questions they may be asked by shareholders
  • Best practise in presentations to institutional investors
  • Best practise in live webcasting
  • Minimizing the shareprice impact when reporting bad news
  • Deriving greatest media & publicity value from sustainability reports

The event is being held in our Integrated Communications Centre, incorporating our training facility and green screen TV studio. Seats are limited to six (6) per workshop.

The workshops are FREE (the S$20 reservation fee charged at time of booking is refunded in cash when you register/sign-in at the venue on the day of the event).

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Official Investor Relations Agency



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Mark Laudi

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