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Miss Goob, Mark Leong and Benjamin Toh trying out the HBM pitch script generator
Miss Goob, Mark Leong and Benjamin Toh trying out the HBM pitch script generator

Press release -

Hong Bao Media launches #SGReadyForBusiness to help Singapore SMEs survive the Covid downturn

Hong Bao Media is pleased to launch an influencer-led campaign, hashtag #SGReadyForBusiness, to help Singapore SMEs communicate their unique business value to their target customers and learn how to pitch their businesses in the process.

Business owners are invited to use the automated pitch generator at to create a one-minute script they can deliver to camera, using their webcam, smart phone or video camera.

They then upload the resulting video to their social media channels, with the hashtag #SGReadyForBusiness.

To show them how it's done, Hong Bao Media recruited three influencers to carry that message to the market.

"Goobycakes is #SGReadyForBusiness! Grateful to be part of this initiative by @hongbaomedia to help rally the entrepreneurial community together, for a united and stronger comeback, now that Circuit Breaker is over!" posted Miss Goob from Goobycakes, "Rooting for all my fellow Singapore businesses, everyone jiayou together!"

"Farmz Asia is #SGReadyForBusiness!" proclaimed Mark Leong, "I am grateful to be involved in this powerful initiative lead by @hongbaomedia and @getkobe with the intention to inspire ALL Entrepreneurs to get back on our feet, supporting each other by uniting in challenging times, and coming back STRONGER after the Circuit Breaker. If you see this post, remember my brothers and sisters, 'we are waves of the same sea', I encourage everyone to support your local businesses. Every support given to the local business owners, is an extension of LIFELINE!"

And Typicalben (real name Benjamin Toh) said he was proud to be "Participating in #SGReadyForBusiness, an initiative by @hongbaomedia to help businesses to share their opening with their customers. To all my fellow entrepreneurs, do feel free to share your messages with the hashtag #SGReadyForBusiness."

"We wanted to create a fun activity all business owners could try and learn about pitching their business, product or service to camera while they are unable to resume business at full scale," said Mark Laudi, Managing Director of Hong Bao Media.

"All business owners have to do is generate the automated pitch script, use their smart phone to record themselves delivering the script (ending with a funny line), and add the tags #HBM and #SGReadyForBusiness when they publish their video on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

"With #SGReadyForBusiness, we wanted to play our part in helping local business owners reach out to customers, and become better at pitching their businesses in the process," Mark concluded.



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Our three core businesses are:

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We operate two Integrated Communications facilities, one in Singapore's Central Business District and another in Kuala Lumpur's Central Business District. These consist of green screen television studios for on-camera recordings and webcasts, adjoining training facilities for small groups of senior executives.

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Mark Laudi

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