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Hong Bao Media now offers mediation services

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Hong Bao Media now offers mediation services

Hong Bao Media now offers mediation services, to bring conflicting parties together and find sustainable solutions through dialogue.

These mediation sessions are conducted by Mark Laudi, who frequently anchors conferences and business events.

"Key to successful mediation is to find common ground between the parties - but this is easier said than done," Laudi said.

"You must also be aware of other factors, such as background of the parties, deeper agendas and interests, beliefs based on inaccurate information, and confirmation bias."

Simon Bennett, General Manager of Sustainable Development at SWIRE Pacific Offshore Operations, said, "We brought together stakeholders in the ship owning community, the ship recycling industry and concerned NGOs for an invitation only, round table discussion, under 'Chatham House Rules' on the very contentious subject of sustainable ship recycling.

"Our aim was to bring the various parties together, to try to find common ground and build consensus to enable positive actions to be taken going forward.

"Due to the nature of the subject matter and strong, but conflicting convictions of attendees, we needed a facilitator who could ensure everyone’s voice was heard fairly, whilst ensuring that the potentially emotive discussion did not get bogged down in historical mud-slinging; who could help isolate and resolve key points of contention, and who could ensure the meeting ended with a positive consensus to move forward agreed by all attendees," Bennett said.

"Mark Laudi managed to achieve all of these outcomes, while earning unsolicited and fulsome praise from all sides of the discussion. Many attendees stated that the success of the meeting on such a contentious issue would not have been possible without Mark’s strong, clear, and fair facilitation."



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We have been producing video communications content since 2006, the year YouTube started. We have amassed a wealth of experience which you can benefit from, which is why our blue-chip list of multinational customers entrust their video communications to us. This includes content marketing, internal communications, investor communciations, as well as eventv, which covers their seminars, conferences and events.

We have fully-functional green screen studios in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, where we also conduct media and presentation skills training, and mentor senior corporate and government executives in building their public speaking skills and confidence.


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