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The Media Savvy Awards announces 10 judges for its fifth year in Singapore and Malaysia

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The Media Savvy Awards announces 10 judges for its fifth year in Singapore and Malaysia

SINGAPORE/KUALA LUMPUR, Monday, Date, Month, 2022 – Hong Bao Media is proud to announce the fifth edition of the Media Savvy Awards. Pre-nominations are now open for the Awards, which recognise Singaporean and Malaysian business leaders for excellent traditional- and new media skills.

Now into their fifth year, the Awards celebrate great homegrown orators and media performers, and encourage other local business leaders to follow their example.

With the inaugural launch of the Media Savvy Awards in the GCC this year, the Awards now have a presence in Singapore, Malaysia and the Gulf countries.

This year’s Media Savvy Awards are again supported by the Asia-Pacific Association of Communications Directors (APACD) and the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA).

The Awards gratefully acknowledges the appointment of a record number of ten judges:

  • Azmar Sukandar, Head of Communications & Society, Asia Pacific at Diageo, and President, APACD
  • Keith Morrison, Director, Regional Marketing at Black & Veatch and Treasurer, APACD
  • Jeremy Seow - Managing Director, Growth and Innovation, Allison+Partners, PRCA
  • Arnab Choudhury – Global Communications & Enablement Lead, Trust, Data & Resilience, Operations, Standard Chartered, and Chair APACD Singapore Chapter
  • Bridgit O’Donovan – Head of Communications - Product and Partnerships – APAC, Meta
  • Christina Koh – Director Communications, AMEA, Avantor
  • Melissa Cheah – Head of Communications, Sandoz
  • Sujatani Poosparajah – Head of Strategic Communications, PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad
  • Susan Tan – Director, Corporate Communication Asia Pacific, Herbalife Nutrition

Entries are now open in three criteria: Best Broadcast Interview, Best Online Interview and Best Live Webcast/Hybrid Event Presentation.

Keith Morrison, APACD Treasurer, said: “It is important to be media savvy because the world has changed. As a leader, you are required to stretch as a communicator in different ways. Just like what is happening around us – climate change, digital disruption. As a leader you have to communicate with people authentically, with purpose, and connect with a more diverse range of people, channels and subjects. So as a leader in today’s modern context, you must be media savvy.”

“In the last few years, leaders have had to hone their craft and convince their audiences and stakeholders of their mission and value. 50% of the work of senior business leaders is to convince their stakeholders and audiences why their work is important, especially during these times,” said Jeremy Seow of PRCA.

Hong Bao Media Savvy Awards convenor Mark Laudi said, “with brand storytelling at the focus of every company, senior business leaders represent their brands and must be able to inspire and motivate in this new hybrid environment.”

“Our new category of Best Webcast/Hybrid Event Presentation recognises those business leaders who retain the attention of both in-person and virtual audiences, and get their message across.”

"We want to recognise those business leaders who through their presentation style are able to attain and retain their audience's attention, and inspire them to act, interact and transact."

These are in addition to the previous criteria of "Best Broadcast Interview", for interviews first carried on traditional radio and television stations, and "Best Online Interview", for interviews posted on the websites and channels of online-only and traditional print publications.

Nominations are now open at until October 16, 2022.

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