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Hong Bao Media at the IP Business Conference 2014 in Amsterdam

IPBC Global 2014 interview with Rob Sterne, founder of the law firm Sterne Kessler
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Hong Bao Media provides media solutions for corporate and government clients in the Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Our three core businesses are:

  1. Media skills and executive presence training and coaching for senior business leaders
  2. Live webcast production from our green screen studios, or on-location
  3. Active investments in a portfolio of blockchain and fintech start-ups

We operate two Integrated Communications facilities, one in Singapore's Central Business District and another in Kuala Lumpur's Central Business District. These consist of green screen television studios for on-camera recordings and webcasts, adjoining training facilities for small groups of senior executives.

Press contacts

Mark Laudi

Mark Laudi

Press contact Managing Director (+65) 6223 2249