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Google calls on Monterosa to create iPhone App.

A new cool App has been released from Google for both Android and iPhones.

Together with ad agency Jung von Matt, Monterosa has created the new App for Google - Heat MWC - for both Android and iPhone. Heat MWC is a real time heat map that helps users find and connect with the hottest of the Mobile Elite at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The App idea is to follow where people go, which keynotes they attend and even which bars they frequent the most. The hottest places are shown in red. Users can filter as they want: see everybody, only users of a certain mobile platform or only people from specific countries. And when they find a new contact, they just bump to exchange info and pave the way for future business. Check it out!

The world's obsession with Mobile applications seemingly knows no bounds. One company who couldn't be happier about this is Monterosa, who opened their Singapore office six months ago and who has been on a continuous search for talent to satisfy the demand for their services. Monterosa began in Scandinavia, where they are the number one mobile agency and where they have created more than 50 apps. In total Monterosa has 20 full time employees and is looking to hire at least 8-10 more in Singapore during 2011.

Carl Norberg, founder says. ”Monterosa's ambition is to raise the bar in the mobile arena. We are creating a center of excellence here in Singapore - delivering world class Applications for all mobile platforms.”

Another Monterosa App that has gotten significant international traction is the recently made App for the launch of the MINI Countryman in Scandinavia.

World’s largest reality game

The MINI Getaway App is the world’s largest reality game so far. The mission was to get a virtual mini into your iPhone and then do the impossible - stay at least 50 meters away from everybody else playing the game during one intense week of gaming in Stockholm city center. The average gaming time was 5 hours and 6 minutes per person. The lucky winner walked away with a new MINI Countryman.

Says Carl Norberg, ”Apps are a strategic tool for brands to create tight relationships with their clients. We´re solving real world problems - often by adding a pinch of craziness - to traditional ideas in order to give users an unbelievable ride. Consumers deserve irresistibly intoxicating solutions and our mission is to deliver exactly that.”

Consumption demand is exploding for on-the-go content and the App market in Asia is growing faster than most companies can keep up with. Monterosa is now hiring additional talent and will open new offices in APAC in the second half of 2011.

Company Facts

Offices in Singapore and Stockholm, New York office opening April 2011

20 Employees and expanding

Owned by its founders

Major clients include: BMW/MINI, Chevron, Toyota, Google, Carlsberg, SonyEricsson, Dove


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Monterosa's initiative is to provide clients with a mobile appearance that defines them. We are proud to call ourselves the App Tailors delivering the service of a perfect fit.


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