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MyCube – Online Digital Content Management Tool

MyCube is an advanced Organisation, Publishing, Communication & Management tool, for all individual brands and valuable content producers. It will let users own and protect their digital assets, thereby transferring control to the user allowing the content to be monetized. 

It also gives users the opportunity to regain privacy and integrity in the digital world. It is to be built as a layer on top of all existing social networks such as Facebook, from where users can communicate, publish, categorise and follow all their connections activities. It is the perfect tool for all users who today use Facebook fan pages and all who want to control and protect their digital presence.

MyCube’s vision is to provide people with social networking tools enabling them to organize, publish, communicate and manage content without giving up ownership and in addition allow them to monetise the content generated to build their personal brands and identities.

With public uproar regarding Facebook’s privacy issues, MyCube’s solutions seems promising for social network users who want to take extra precaution in protecting their online identity. With the initial seed funding of US$ 2.2M and the additional US$ 3 – 5M that MyCube is looking for, the company hope to be able to provide millions of users access to its program.


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Todd Kurie

Press contact Marketing Director +65 6538 4280

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