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International Employees playing Active Role within Nitto Group.

Extracted Summary: I had the pleasure of working in Japan for three years, and I found it to be a lovely country that is comfortable to live in and offers opportunities to encounter a diverse range of cultures. I am certain that you will find the chance to work in Japan a truly great experience. Needless to say, at Nitto Denko there are plentiful opportunities to play an active role not only in Japan, but on a global level as well. For engineers, the biggest attraction offered by the company is the fact that you are given opportunities to put any wonderful, innovative ideas that you might have into practical use in your work. When I became interested in optical sensing technology and proposed my idea for its commercial application, I did not have anything to support my proposal except for the idea itself. Nonetheless, Nitto Denko invested in my idea. After the "Lehman Shock," Western companies have been cautious about making new investments, but Nitto Denko remains aggressive in its R&D investments by taking a long-term perspective. This company offers so many opportunities to realize your great ideas. I hope that you will join us in our challenge.

Details of the interview can be found on Nitto's website.

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