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Vistors to the Vitafoods Asia 2018 Tasting Centre voted for their preferred functional food and beverage items.
Vistors to the Vitafoods Asia 2018 Tasting Centre voted for their preferred functional food and beverage items.

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Discover key APAC nutraceutical trends at Vitafoods Asia

28 May 2019 – SINGAPORE – Vitafoods Asia, the nutraceutical event for the Asia Pacific region, brings together the three key ingredients required to develop and launch new innovations from lab to market: science, business, and government agencies.

Nutraceuticals have positive physiological effects on the human body, but do not easily fall into the categories of food or pharmaceutical drugs. Research-based, nutraceuticals offer the benefits of medicine and health delivered through functional foods and beverages.

Nutraceuticals deliver benefits for gut health, beauty-from-within, cognitive function and stress support. They can help to prevent and reduce issues such as obesity, healthy aging, or cancer, and may be used to boost immunity. They can also be used to improve mood, sleep quality and psychological performance.

Key consumption trends in nutraceuticals in the Asia Pacific region for 2019 include:

1. ‘Feel the benefit’

Most food or beverages that carry a nutraceutical benefit do so over time and can’t be felt immediately, but one category of nutraceuticals offers an immediate ‘feel the benefit’ effect. These products are made with Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, and they help with pain relief or relaxation. The Asia Pacific region represents a growing market for CBD and is predicted to account for 23% of the worldwide spend by 2022.[i] At Vitafoods Asia 2019, CBD products will be featured for the first time with GenCanna Global Inc exhibiting.

2. Low Carb, High Protein

Across the world, dieticians are recommending low carbohydrate, high protein diets to address diabetes, which, along with fad diet trends like keto and paleo, has increased demand for protein supplements. To minimise food waste and meet demand, protein is being harvested from the discards of cheese-making, Whey, and the discards of gelatine production, Collagen. Another result of the low carb diet is to substitute wheat flours with vegetable flours in baked goods and or to substitute starches using buckwheat, quinoa, red, and black rice to replace the staple white rice. Discover food and beverage items that address this trend at Vitafoods Asia 2019 from exhibitors such as Capsula GMBH, Gelita AG, Jusungfarm, Moringa, and Weihai Unisplendour Technology.

3. Willingness of Consumers to pay a premium price

Convenience foods that tie with a trend are commanding premiums of 100-300% over regular versions of the same food, e.g. high-protein bars and puddings. Vitafoods Asia offers great opportunities to source finished, branded and OEM products, from suppliers such as Kerry, Nutriobio and AstaReal. Discover these food and beverage items at the Tasting Bar, and vote for the best tasting products. At Vitafoods Asia 2018, Nutribio and AstaReal were both winners at the Tasting Bar Awards. The visitors awarded Nutribio’s ‘Triple Layer Vanilla & Brownie bar’ the Best Functional Food winner; and AstaReal’s ‘SoothMe’ the Best Functional Beverage.

4. Provenance ­

Consumer interest in the provenance of healthy products is increasing demand for products sourced from Australia, New Zealand and France in Asia, helping to drive sales of nutraceuticals across the region, especially in China[ii]. Vitafoods Asia makes it easy for Asian buyers to discover provenance brands in one place as the show attracts 350 international exhibitors from over 40 countries.

5. Nutricosmetics

Nutricosmetics blend cosmetics with nutraceuticals and can address issues associated with healthy aging. According to a report by Grand View Research, investment in novel formulations for aesthetic appeal has strengthened demand from Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Vitafoods Asia 2019 will feature nutricosmetic products from exhibitors such as Capsula GmbH, Dr Paul Lohman (Asia) Pte Ltd, Gelita AG, Phil Inter Pharma and Biocell Technology.

6. Healthy aging

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) says that Asia's elderly population is projected to reach some 850 million by 2050 and that consequently, in the next few decades, the region will become one of the oldest in the world.[iii]While Japan has the largest population of people 65 years old and over in the region, markets rapidly growing in this segment include the Republics of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Visitors to Vitafoods Asia can learn from expert speakers at the Life Stages Theatre how nutraceuticals are being applied for healthy aging, and discover products from exhibitors such as Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Co Ltd and Kappa Bioscience (video), among others.


An emerging trend in the food industry is for Low-FODMAP accredited products. FODMAP classify groups of carbs that are notorious for triggering digestive symptoms like bloating, gas and stomach pain. Backed by scientific evidence, the FODMAP diet is accepted by dietitians and gastroenterologists; and is attracting growing media and consumer attention as a key attribute is that it is easy to feel the benefit of the diet. In response, large food companies such as Nestle and Kelloggs are producing FODMAP-friendly products or re-labelling existing products as FODMAP-friendly. Discover FODMAP-friendly product manufacturers such as Giellepi SpA, Nexus Wise and Primex at Vitafoods Asia 2019.

8. Functional beverages

The fastest growing segment in nutraceuticals is Functional Beverages, a trend that has been helped by the increasing popularity of immunity drinks such as the probiotic Kombucha. Energy drinks is still the largest revenue segment of functional beverages, and RTD tea, coffee and enhanced water are the fastest growing sub-segments.

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Vitafoods Asia 2019 is the event that helps shape the food industry for optimal health through science and innovation. It returns to Singapore between 25-26 September 2019. Registration for Vitafoods Asia 2019 is now open, please visit

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