Designer Virgil Abloh sued over disappearing Instagram post

News   •   Jul 07, 2020 08:29 +08

Do you have the right to post a photo of your product on Instagram, when that photo was taken by someone else?

YouTube channel owner offers reward for lost Terms of Service

News   •   Jul 05, 2020 20:15 +08

Live Better Music claims Epidemic Sound walked back on their music licensing agreement by making content claims on Live Better’s videos on YouTube. Live Better says it licensed the tracks from Epidemic Sound legally. Problem is, they can't find the previous Terms of Service document, which proves it.

Indian movie accused of copying background and plot

News   •   Sep 30, 2019 08:40 +08

An Indian movie has allegedly copied the background of its movie poster from an artist, and has even supposedly stolen its plot from a French movie.

Ariana Grande sues Forever 21 for illegally using her likeness

News   •   Sep 19, 2019 20:40 +08

Pop singer Ariana Grande has sued clothes retailer Forever 21 for using a model who looks very similar to her in their media campaign early this year.

Chinese company takes down copycat game after lawsuit from Blizzard

News   •   Aug 30, 2019 20:42 +08

Sina Games, a Chinese game company, has taken down a game that it has been accused of copying from an American game company.

Model sues Jockey for below-the-belt business practices

News   •   Aug 21, 2019 08:51 +08

​An underwear model is suing Jockey for using his image long after his contract with them expired.

Tara Reid sues producers over Sharknado slot machines

News   •   Aug 20, 2019 08:47 +08

​Actress Tara Reid is suing the producers of Sharknado for using her image without her permission.

The cat-and-mouse game between politicians and musicians

News   •   Aug 19, 2019 08:43 +08

YouTube makes changes to copyright infringement system

News   •   Aug 16, 2019 00:30 +08

YouTube is making changes to its copyright enforcement policies. From September it will make it less easy for copyright holders to make manual claims for YouTube videos that include very short music clips or unintentional music.

Did Facebook copy its Libra logo from a fintech startup?

News   •   Aug 12, 2019 16:34 +08

Two companies that engaged the same design company has resulted in one company accusing the newer one of stealing its logo.

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