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Emarsys launches predictive technology to strengthen customer engagement and drive revenue for digital marketers in Asia

Singapore, February 18, 2014 – Emarsys, a leading global provider of customer engagement solutions, today announced the launch of Emarsys Predict in Asia. This self-learning marketing engine intelligently creates unique and individually relevant recommendations based on online behaviour analysis and predictive technology. Emarsys Predict’s seamless integration with the Emarsys eMarketing Suite strengthens both product offerings and together they deliver a more powerful Customer Engagement Platform than ever before.

Using data from a customers’ most recent online behaviour to develop a constantly-evolving algorithm, Emarsys Predict allows marketers to deliver automated campaigns that can be smarter than ever. This technology allows Emarsys to emulate the kind of sophisticated customer targeting that ecommerce giants such as Amazon and eBay currently undertake.

Emarsys has integrated this latest technology into its eMarketing Suite after completing the acquisition of Scarab Research. Scarab Research’s proven track record of empowering marketers to make smart recommendations across websites and email campaigns made it the ideal partner.

Square Meal, the UK’s leading guide to finding and booking restaurants, bars, venues and events was the first emarsys customer who integrated Predict as part of the eMarketing Suite,. Square Meal now uses Emarsys Predict as their recommendation technology which seamlessly links in with the Emarsys Automation Center. Visitors are now 67% more likely to click through to a restaurant from email recommendations, as well as 400% more likely to convert, thus growing their brand loyalty. With Emarsys Predict, recommendations are more relevant than ever, which strengthens the customer’s affinity with Square Meal.

“When searching for top-end recommendation tools, we did a lot of research over several months and even ran split tests. Emarsys Predict won hands-down,” said Ed Butcher, Head of Online, Square Meal. “With Predict, the breadth of Square Meal’s database is fully exploited so that their customers discover new places, making them truly ‘one site for all venues’.”

“This acquisition is a key part of our mission to deliver an ‘all-in-one’ sophisticated marketing solution with minimum complexity.” Hagai Hartman, CEO, Emarsys. "Our clients told us that they want a complete data-driven marketing package to deliver smart customer engagement. By integrating Scarab Research’s predictive recommendation with our existing solutions, we can now deliver this all in a single interface.”

Emarsys Predictoutperforms rule-based recommendations, price comparisons, manual product selections, and custom deployments. Square Meal has already demonstrated how Emarsys Predict has improved their customer experience and customer retention – for more information please visit

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About Emarsys  

Emarsys is the engine of some of the world’s smartest customer engagement, with over 1000 clients in 120 countries using our technology, including industry leaders such as eBay, Volvo, Garmin, Zalando Lounge, Sky, A.S. Watson, Hong Kong Airlines, Sasa and South China Morning Post. Founded in 2000 in Vienna, we are one of the fastest growing companies in cloud marketing. We are 400 employees in 13 locations. We segment and analyse 1 billion customer records and send more than 6 billion personalised emails every month.

Our eMarketing Suite is the integrated technology platform that makes it all possible. In a single interface the eMarketing Suite empowers clients to automate personalised campaigns across channels, tailored to each individual customer’s behaviour. Dramatic increases in customer lifetime value is truly achievable with Emarsys.

About Scarab Research  

Scarab Research provides highly personalised recommendations for customers of ecommerce businesses. The company’s machine-learning technology analyses user behaviour to generate individually relevant product offers for consumers to make the most of their shopping experience. Scarab Research was established in 2009 and today reaches millions of users with personalised recommendations on a daily basis, for a variety of ecommerce businesses globally. Their clients include established market leading online retailers and advertisers from Europe and the USA.

About Precious Communications

Our focus is on Corporate Communications, Crisis Management, Reputation Management and Social Media. Combining a clear business-oriented approach with a focus on measurable results, our network of experts helps brands tell their story and tie directly into their overall communications objectives.

We are run out of Singapore and serve clients in Asia Pacific and beyond through our strong links to Europe and North America.

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