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Remember all your favourite meal experiences with Evernote Food – all new Android version.

Press release -

Remember all your favourite meal experiences with Evernote Food – all new Android version.

Evernote Food just got updated for Android devices with an extended recipe database, which has the option to be customized and expanded on by each individual food lover.

A key benefit of Evernote Food for Android is its Clip function: it allows you to instantly save any recipe you find online and even local cuisines such as Laksa, Hokkien Mee, or Hainanese Chicken Rice are included. 


Updated Key Functions for Evernote Food:

  • Explore Recipes
  • My Cookbook
  • Restaurants
  • My Meals
  • Clip Function

Users can photo-log and chronicle their very own unique cooking experience with My Cookbook. From shopping, to ingredients preparation, to actual cooking, to taste test, to finish, to after the meal – one can make notes and tags every step of the way. With Evernote Food, hobby chefs and food lovers can immediately compare and contrast their actual cooking experience with their favourite Clipped recipes.

The Restaurants search function is linked with Foursquare allowing you to log, tag, and annotate your favourite food hunts.


My Meals makes it extremely easy to create and share photo-essays about your culinary experiences to remember your most amazing food discoveries. Tagging locations and people, taking macro shots of the cuisines and the surrounding ambiance, as well as writing notes about each experience becomes at once a highly personalized and familiar affair with Evernote Food.

 “What Food really does is to make it easy to create rich notes of food and eateries you want to remember, so it’s really an extension to Evernote rather than a standalone product. I found creating new entries to be a relatively painless affair,” according to Singaporean blogger, Alvin Wong.

Sara Khong from JewelPie, an online lifestyle magazine for tech savvy women, applaudes the way the recipes are organised: “We feel that it makes the notebooks much neater and organised. When we browse through ‘Family Recipes’ notebook, all ‘Soups’ recipes are arranged together.” 

Remember the food you love, explore and save recipes, and discover restaurants near and far with Evernote Food – download it fromGooglePlay now! Evernote Food is also available for iOS at iTunes.



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