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How to get your CEO's backing when talking to your customers about payment terms

We had several visitors to our exhibition space at the SMEICC, who lamented that their CEO was actively undermining their efforts to get invoices paid on time. In one case, the CEO was telling customers they could have more flexibility in credit terms, even as the finance department was insisting on prompt payment. RIABU's Mark Laudi and Simon Littlewood discuss how to bring your own CEO on board.
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RIABU helps companies of all sizes – but especially SMEs – be first in line to get paid. We provide you with insights into the past payment conduct of prospects and customers, and how long they are likely to take to pay their invoices, based on the experiences of other suppliers. RIABU also helps you to get paid on time in the future, by giving you access to the RIABU Academy. There you can find expert advice, best practice guides, and peer forums to improve your policies and processes and ensure you get paid faster.

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